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PREGR - Polynomial Regression
I am the only one using an HP 50g in my class (that I know). First day of class the teacher asks us to do a Regression. All other students manage to generate a nice scatter plot with connecting dots and all, except me of course. I researched this forum and found PREGR. Downloaeded, STOred it as a variable within... 2 Feb 2010 15:34
Disassembling FPTR
This code is extracted from the ROM, it compiles but I can not run, the machine is restarted. Why is this happening? (FPTR 4 54=4:65F7A) :: CHECKPVARS DROP FALSE BINT29 TestSysFlag NOT 'NOP { LAM 'SHOWAX LAM 'AXES LAM 'Action } BIND NIBBHEX C2A2046500E0210000004131... 26 Jan 2010 20:05
I am using the Debug4X Inform Editor to build an input box for a Surveying application. The default softkey menu uses three of the six boxes, for EDIT, CANCL, and OK. I want to take one of the three unused menu boxes and put the "HMS->" command in it, and probably use the other two available menu boxes for other co... 23 Jan 2010 23:15
HP 48SX does not switch on
Hi all, I pulled out of the box after many years my HP 48SX which is in perfect conditions...except for the fact that it doesn't switch on! Of course I put 3 new batteries in it.. but nothing happens. Does anybody know if I can perform some little tests to try to understand what's happening and fix the proble... 24 Jan 2010 10:07
Beginning with I/O, and ending with INPUTL
On Sat, 16 Jan 2010 10:27:28 -0600: I noticed that the FREEZE command does not work when followed by INPUT The display is normally re-drawn only when user interaction is required, such when a program halts or exits, although some commands exist which can write immediately to the screen (e.g. DISP). FREEZE ... 18 Jan 2010 09:44
Hi, do you know what is the alpha-enter and beta-enter mode on the HP48 ? That is something about redirection but I don't know where to find info on this. ... 15 Jan 2010 01:45
Conn4x problems
I am having problems with Conn4x. I connect my 48gx via the cable to my old PC running Conn4x. I start Xservr on the 48gx and then start Conn4x. Conn4x will show the home folder of my 48, but then it freezes up. I have not had this problem in the past. Any troubleshooting advice (besides dumping the old PC and... 14 Jan 2010 06:51, The Return
Hi, maybe you'll remember me, if not, I'm Gaak :-D Gaak presents now the new version of my WebSite... * * hpcalc clon ? * hpcalc v2 ? * hpcalc backup ? I don't know but exists coincidence for items, example OT49: 12 Mar 2010 18:26
Quickest way to remove item N in composite? (sysrpl)
I was fiddling with something today and found myself needing to remove an item from a list at a given index location and was surprised not to find a command that would do it. Am I missing one that is right in front of me? I was looking for something that would remove item N from a list, and preferably not modify... 12 Jan 2010 10:39
Debug4x How to compress?
Hi, if a simple program.hpp like: :: ( seco1 ) :: ( many bytes here ) ( seco2 ) :: ( many bytes again ) ; ; ; How to compress only seco2?, because the file program_Cmprs.h (with E) not working only for seco2, it compress all program. TYA - Gaak - ... 10 Jan 2010 11:52
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