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Input form field menu message handler
Hi Going through the message handlers of the input form from Eduardo's book, I was trying to make a user defined menu different for each field which did not seem to work at all. But when I tried one of those menus in the message handler for the input form as a whole, it did work. So, is it not possible to have d... 6 Nov 2009 17:01
Can a memory upgrade slow down a 48g?
Hello, I'm somewhat new to HP calculators, so please bear with me... I recently acquired an HP 48g, which one of the previous owners had upgraded to 128K RAM. The upgrade was done internally, so I have no idea of the details. I don't have another 48g to compare, but the calculator seems to be a bit slo... 3 Nov 2009 03:50
is there an updated .formats.gx, .symbols.gx, and .comments.gx for sadhp?
I was playing around with my installation of sadhp and noticed that even the latest version still has some pretty outdated .formats, .symbols, and .comments for the GX disassembly. Does anyone have one that they may have updated personallym and is willing to share? I am currently trying to disassemble ROM R to view... 21 Oct 2009 19:22
speedui fonts
Does anyone know if it is possible to customize SpeedUI's fonts? I like the 6 level stack, but I prefer using my own fonts. Are the fonts designed to be 6x4 (6 rows of pixels, 4 columns wide)? ... 10 Nov 2009 23:01
Hacking calculators article Maybe some would care to post comments there. And maybe the author could be interested in writing a companion piece about the longstanding HP handheld user community. Brian Walsh ... 18 Oct 2009 14:57
Validity of code in "The HP48 Handbook" by James Donnelly
Is the code listing and prolougue on page 164 in the 2nd edition of the above book valid for use on the HP50g? ... 23 Oct 2009 15:34
Off topic but interesting
For those of you with an iPhone: ... 18 Oct 2009 01:59
nth derivative
I wrote a simple program for calculating the nth derivative: \<< \-> F V N \<< F XQ 1 N FOR K V DERIV SIMPLIFY NEXT \>> \>> 'DERVN' STO 'Function' 'Variable' 'N' --> nth derivative Examples of use of DERVN program: '1/\v/X' 'X' 3 --> '-(15*\v/X/(8*X^4))' '\.S(-\oo,1/X,EXP(-Y^2),Y)' 'X' 2 ... 15 Oct 2009 14:58
How much better (quicker) is the algebra system in the HP50G than the HP48GX?
I've got an HP48GX with ALG48 & Erable. Until recently I thought I would buy one of the personal editions of Maple/Mathematica to replace it (obviously much more comprehensive systems), but I'd secretly kind of like to get an HP50G since (being sad) I often think about maths in bed &c and my needs are quite li... 15 Oct 2009 10:30
Calculating series sum
Hi all, is there a way to calculate this series: '\GS(N=2,\oo,2^(N+1)/(N-1)!)' with HP 50g? The answer is '4*EXP(2)-4' . Regards, Simone. ... 13 Oct 2009 23:27
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