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Hardware Debouncing on HP 50G RPN calculators
I'm having a hard time making my key press count perhaps b/c of hardware debouncing settings. However, I'm having a hard time finding information on how to fix this problem. Does anyone know of an easy way to fix it? Thanks. ... 24 Jan 2010 15:49
Doubt on HP50G Intregation Result
I would like to ask to you about this doubt I found "playing" a little with my HP50G: The Mode operating conditions are: ALG, STD, RAD, RECT. (Release 2.15) Making the Integer Function in the "0" to "1" interval for SIN(X) dX, the result is: "-COS(1)--1" Making it in the interval from 0 to Pi the result is... 7 Jan 2010 21:25
How to search within txt files?
Hi, Is it possible to search within txt files(word search)? Thanks. ... 3 Jan 2010 18:16
Connectivity Kit bug?
Dec 20, 2009 01:46:27 GMT -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Apparently, the new Connectivity Kit Version 2.3, Build 2439 does not allow SCREEN CAPTURE on the HP48g or 49g When attempting to use the screen capture for the 48g/49g, the Conn Kit displays a box indica... 22 Dec 2009 11:29
Function ISOL on HP 50 g
I am in the process of learning the feautures of this calculator (Ihave been using the 41c for many years but eventually it died for the last time and it was not worth to have it repaired-another time, i.e.) My problem is: When trying to solve for t the equation of chapter 6 of the manual: a*t^3-b*t=0 by ... 24 Dec 2009 05:20
How to learn rpn mode for hp 50g
Hi, How can I learn the rpn language for hp 50g? Thanks in advance. ... 21 Dec 2009 10:10
metodosnumericos libraries
Hi, I copied metodosnumericos libraries (from hpcalc) to home folder of Hp 50g and I need to use it. What should I do? Thanks. (I don't know rpn..) ... 17 Dec 2009 12:36
HP 50g User's guide graphical programs
Hi I was going through the HP 50g's user's guide and I have read this topic a couple of times but never found the thing where it refers to. On page 22-23, in chapter "Programs for graphics manipulation", example 2, it mentions the program XSECT which uses four sub-programs named FRAME, DXBED, GTIFS and INTRP. Ac... 17 Dec 2009 12:36
HP 49G+ INFORM Highlight
Hello, How would I program a start_row parameter like the CHOOSE command uses into my TRAVERSE program? When I execute the program for the first time I will enter data into all labels but on subsequent uses I want the highlight to be positioned at the "\<) RT:" label. \<< "TRAVERSE" { "OC:" "BS:" "FS:" "\<)... 17 Dec 2009 18:11
Good programs/libraries for a 48SX?
So, I've got a 32KB RAM card for my 48SX coming in the mail, and I thought I'd pick everyone's brains about the best things to do with it. Currently I just have Keyman (mostly to use ->TO? on CST and USER assignments) and a bunch of UserRPL stuff. Are there any smallish libraries or program collections that could b... 14 Dec 2009 14:20
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