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MMC could not create the snapin
Hello, I have XP pro Sp3. When I attempt to open the services.msc window I receive this error. "MMC could not create the snap-in. The snap-in might not have been iwstalled correctly." Name:Services CLSID:{58221C66-EA27-11CF-ADCF-00AA00A80033} I attempted to run sfc /scannow and it compeleted successfully. P... 10 Sep 2009 10:15
mount point manager remote database
what is "mount point manager remote database" used in windows XP PRO sp3? ... 6 Sep 2009 19:48
lsass.exe - Entry point not found
"sandy58" wrote: On May 29, 1:22 am, bumc_it <bumc...(a)> wrote: When I boot up my computer (running Windows XP Pro), I get the following error message: lsass.exe - Entry point not found The procedure entry point strcat_s cound not be located in the dynamic link ... 6 Sep 2009 14:14
Task Scheduler Retry?
> "MageMaster" <tecknode(a)> wrote in message news:9a1a192f-3170-4979-bf80-3e5790029ce5(a) Posting this because a search for "retry" in Task Scheduler got no hits. Is there an option to "retry" a scheduled task if it does NOT occur? Example, retry a scheduled ntbac... 4 Sep 2009 05:27
Stop: c000021a (Fatal System Error)
Hi All, I also got the error message : STOP: c000021a (Fatal System Error) The windows Logon Process system process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0xc0000135 (0x00000000 0x00000000). And have read many posts on how to possibly fix the problem and tried a number of them but still not working. I have ... 4 Sep 2009 07:38
Autochk.exe not found - Skipping autocheck? Endless boot loop?
I had this same problem what happened was My partition got hidden while i was doing some experiment witn GNU GRUB anyways to fix it you need a partition program I just happened to have a HiRens boot disc btw this thing is a freekin life saver. I can't count the times this disc has saved my butt. Anyways to get the dis... 9 Feb 2009 19:06
what is Windows Driver Package?
I've this *Windows Driver Package - Microsoft Corporation (usbvideo) Image (05/25/2007 1.0.3656.0)* in my machine, can anyone please tell me what is this used for as soon as possible. -- Dinesh Krishna ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dinesh Krishna's Profile: http://forums.t... 9 Feb 2009 09:36
Any idea what all these processes are?
I've been trying, so far in vain, to discover why some operations on my PC are so slow, when compared to others doing identical things on a similar system. This is a single user PC with a normal broadband connection via cable to my router. The only other 'network' aspect is a cable to another PC which I used months... 5 Feb 2009 04:30
sfc /scannow 0x000004dd error
"Windows File Protection could not initiate a scan of protected system files. The specific error code is 0x000004dd [The operation being requested was not performed because the user has not logged on to the network. The specified service does not exist]. Any ideas on fixing this anyone? I've googled it and rea... 1 Feb 2009 11:26
Browse Button from Map Network Drive Option Missing
Hi I am a network administrator of a company .When one of my user try to map a network drive, browse button from Map network drive option is lost.When I try with my administrator account at that PC, I can see browse button in map network drive option.I already give that user admin right and tried again.But, same ... 15 Jan 2009 02:18
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