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Memory leak in tagsrv.exe
I'm seeing a memory leak in tagsrv.exe on my laptop, where I use DSC v8.2.  When I close the screen (suspend the laptop), and then open it again (resume), the tagsrv.exe memory usage jumps dramatically, often to over 125MB.  What is more, it appears each time I do this the memory jumps again by this amoun... 20 Sep 2006 19:36
How to implement anything data type into subvi.
Such as ?Flatten To String? has input called anything, in that we can connect any data type. How can I implement that anything data type as the input of my subvi block? So I can connect any data type into my subvi. Thank you   Amit ... 15 Sep 2006 15:51
Fatal Error Installation Issue required NIPathsDir undefined NIMDFDIR
I get the above error message trying to install LabView 8.2 with local administrator rights.   Any idea   Thanks Thomas Tuch ... 8 Sep 2006 05:04
Error 0xBFF6001F-Cannot detect recognizable video source
Hi!   I'm having the similar problem with a Redlake ES4 camera. I sometimes get the 0xBFF6001F error, while I have the right camera selected (Redlake ES4 12 bit). The PCI framegrabber checkes out OK in the selftest, and is new. The camera works fine with other software at another machine. A few times I did ge... 13 Sep 2006 20:23
how to create a subVi from another subVi?
I have a subVI ( on a block diagram ( I want to create subVI ( which is similar but not the same as and insert this in a different block diagram. How should I do? Thanks   PS: sub Vi A is actually a subVi used in another subVI that is in A.Vi. ... 22 Aug 2006 14:41
Shared Variable - Run Node first?
Hello,   Two Shared Variable Questions:   First-   I'm trying to get a better understanding of what is meant by the following note from NI documents regarding Shared Variables:   "If you are using a network-published Shared Variable node that is configured to read data, you must run each S... 28 Aug 2006 15:31
Trouble with thermocouple example...
Hi, I'm using SCC-TC02 connected to a thermocouple probe (K). Are trying to use the "Acq Thermocouple sample" example vi. But I only get the value -1908625864800603,25 and nothing else...? (CJC source: constant, 25)   Any ideas? ... 8 Aug 2006 09:22
blue screen 8.1
I'm running Labview 8 and NiDaq MX 8.1   I get a blue screen crash on a very regular basis.   The computer is a brand new Dell Optiplex 210L The DAQ card is a 6010   The failure is in nimxdfk.dll   -STOP: 0x0000008E ....   Does anyone have an idea about what I should do? ... 3 Aug 2006 11:25
labview with quadstar 422
First startingpoint: search the NI Dev Zone&nbsp;&nbsp; with DDE you get (for example) <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Contact the manufactor, ask for DDE exa... 2 Aug 2006 09:49
Looking for USB-8451 SPI example
Hello thmsfrst, This link shows an example how to the USB8451 and the SPI&nbsp; Interace to evaluate a TI&nbsp; ADC The example download does not work so i have attached an example for LV8.0 and one for 7.1. If yo... 1 Sep 2006 03:12
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