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installing USB webcam and IMAQ drivers on the target PC
I used NI Vision Development 7.1.1 and NI-IMAQ for USB Cameras to develop my Labview USB Webcam application. Now the application is ready to be tested on the target PC, which doesn't have Labview or NI Vision Development.   Which vision components should be installed on target PC?   (I tried installing ... 16 Jan 2006 17:23
Labview 6.1 vi's for NI USB-8451
Hi   I have just collected the USB divice 8451 from NI, but I am still using Labview 6.1 og the VI's was only going back to 7.0. Does anyone got VI's for Labview 6.1 ? I have tried to convert from 7.0 to 6.1, but i wont work.   best regards Bjarne J ... 16 Jan 2006 05:12
how to configure modbus using LabVIEW?
Hello All, I want to know is there any possibility to configure modbus using LabVIEW? Using LabVIEW can we be able to interact with the modules and controllers through modbus communication?If there is any solution for that then let me know how to do that.   Thanks Srinivas ... 29 Dec 2005 14:45
I have written a vi that solves the Sudoku number puzzle.  I'm looking for suggestions for improvement and/or Sudoku fans who have hard to solve puzzles to check out the operation.   To use the vi fill in the known values, leavingthe 0's in the places where the puzzle has blanks.  Click the run arrow... 13 Jan 2006 09:19
LabView basics
Hello All, I want to learn Labview but I cannot invest into buying all the DAQ cards required to interface. I have a version of Labview installed on my computer. Is it possible to learn it just as a software and simulate somethings without using any external hardware on the computer? Sorry in advance if this sou... 2 Nov 2005 01:33
LabView 7.0 Full update
Hello   The LabView 7.0 is on the original package and not used before, but bayed on 2003 maybe. Can I update the program to 7.1? I need minimum 7.1 because to open some file saved on its. The computer where I work has no access to the internet, but can I download the update on this pc and born on cd, is tha... 31 Oct 2005 11:42
Error 1402: Could not open key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE... During Installation
Hello, When I try to install LabView (v7.1 or v8.0) I get the following error: "Error 1402: Could not open key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\LVDB.Application\CLSID. Verify that you have sufficient access to that key, or contact your support personnel." I have full administrator privileges on my comp... 2 Nov 2005 17:42
Agilent 82357a
Hello,  I have an Agilent 82357a usb to GPIB adapter.  I have successfully been able to install the adapter on my computer and use Agilents VISA Assistant to view and configure my test instruments.  I have also installed Measurement & Automation 3.0.2 and successfully added the NiVisaTulip.dll... 22 Nov 2005 11:57
control de motor a pasos por labview
Que tal. Necesito realizar el control de dos motores a pasos por el puerto paralelo, lo tengo pensado hacer por medio de labview, solo quiero manejar una interfaz entre el puerto y los motores, pero si tienes una mejor idea por favor comentamela. Quisiera saber como generar los pulsos para los motores y poder hacer el... 11 Oct 2005 19:08
Hello, I was wondering if anyone has ever completed an application accessing REFPROP from NIST. I have used other DLL?s with the CIN tool but can not seem to make this REFPROP DLL work. If anyone has a code snippet showing the settings of the CIN tool that is using REFPROP, it would be greatly appreciated. ... 29 Sep 2005 16:22
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