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>>>>>> I can't get my mind around this. Your "phone" has WiFi, GPS, music,
>>>>>> and camera functions. A phone should have phone functions. Without
>>>>>> the phone functions, it's an electronic device but it's not a phone.
>>>>>call it what you want, but the device is still functional if you don't
>>>>>pay for phone service, other than the phone portion.
>>>>That's like saying an automobile is still functional without an engine
>>>>if all you want to do is sit in it and play the radio as long as the
>>>>battery lasts.
>>>Terrible analogy.
>>>That position is getting increasingly shaky.
>>>Time to declare victory and move on.
>>That's your style, John. Not mine.
>Flogging the horse long after death is your style. ;)

You say as you continue to drag the horse out of the barn. All of my
posts have been in reply to someone else's comment.

Tony Cooper - Orlando, Florida
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> >I find it really annoying to be standing in line and being forced to
> >listen to the person next to you yammering away about their personal
> >business.
> Are you also annoyed by overhearing conversations?
> Must everyone be silent in public to make you happy? ;)

straw man.

> >> * much better displays
> >
> >Again, inconsequential. The idea is to speak to the other party, not
> >to watch the screen.
> I disagree. Better display makes the phone easier for me to use.

you didn't disagree last year when you insisted that a small phone with
a small screen was better. now that you have a smartphone, you did a
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> >the engine is a substantial part of the car's functionality. for some
> >people, cellular is a small part of what a smartphone can do.
> Small, possibly, but usually essential. I note that no one has said
> that they have a phone but don't use it as a telephone.

i'll say that.

> And, I don't
> expect anyone to say this is the case unless they haven't paid the
> bill and their phone service has been cut off.


> It's pretty silly to try to make a case that phone service is not part
> of a functioning phone when everyone has phone service on their phone.

this is about smartphones, not a flipphone that does little else than
make calls.

iphones and android phones can do a *lot* without any phone service at
all. in fact, apple and at&t have instructions on how to use an iphone
without service as an ipod (i.e., when selling it to someone else).
basically, you just remove the sim card.

> >an iphone or android phone with no cellular plan is still functional on
> >wifi, and when there's no wifi, as an address book,
> What do you do with an address book if you can't make calls?

look up an address, maybe look up a number and give it to someone else.

another example is an app can use the data contained in the address
book, such as a mapping app can construct an ideal itinerary given a
list of people to visit. all maps are local to the device, so there's
not even a need for wifi.

> > calendar, ebook
> >reader, portable gaming device and countless other things.
> >
> >with pay as you go, you can pay for the occasional call, if needed.
> And you will. You will want phone service if you have a phone.

not if i don't use the phone portion.

as i said, there's a gazillion things an iphone can do that doesn't
involve the phone part.
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> Phone conversations are fine. Long phone conversations are
> unnecessary. Especially unnecessary are the conversations that run
> long because the other person is driving, bored, and makes calls just
> alleviate the boredom of being in traffic.

They are very annoying when some person is revealing the most intimate
details of her latest sexual adventure on a commuter train.


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>> Check out T-Mobile USA pricing, and you will see a price difference
>> between service without a bundled phone and service with a bundled
>> phone. If you own carrier isn't doing that, then it's pocketing the
>> difference. Elementary, my dear Peter. ;)
> it depends how long you keep a phone. most people buy a new phone every
> couple of years, which means it may actually be less expensive to get a
> subsidized phone.
> and then there's the coverage issue.

Coverage isn't important. Price is everything. <\end sarcastic tag>