From: Veli-Pekka Nousiainen on
Meh. wrote:
> timite_h wrote:
>> So as a professional who use calculators what kind of evolution would
>> you expect from advanced calculator ?
> Weeeeell,
> this may be heresy but I currently find the HP49G+ to be pretty damned
> good now that I've got one with a KB that seems to work okay. The main
> advances I'd like to see are, in no particular order:
> 1. more memory, much much more memory, so I can work on reasonably big
> data sets.

SRAM cost enormously, so you want a PPC or Qonos

> 2. higher-resolution screen

QOnos, PPC

> 3. much better data exchange facilities with computers, possibly
> ethernet or WLAN

Will eat your batteries
- must wait for UWB=Ultra Wide Band or Wireless USB
or use a any WinCE/Linux Pocketable/Palmsized PC

> 4. better power supply, possibly AA batteries instead of AAA and maybe
> mains power input

USB wire should detect NiMH batteries and charge
otherwise it should shut off the Alkalines and just provide power

> 5. USB hosting, so I can connect USB-driven sensors

Hmmm... It should be possible

> And for me, I think that'd be about it.
> ttfn
> Meh

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