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Associate of Karvy Stock Broking
Karvy is a pioneer financial services provider in India and has operations in segments such as stock, commodities and insurance broking, investment banking, mutual funds distribution and depository services. Karvy committed to provide value for money to all partners and clients. Karvy Fortune is an association/p... 26 Apr 2010 04:47
Welcome, please download it and also download are getting started guides. From our documentation project: On Thu, Apr 22, 2010 at 7:10 PM, egunsola tanesert <egunsola(a)> wrote: Hello, I am a new user of Open Office and as I learn to use it, I want to be able to c... 25 Apr 2010 05:30
Hello, I am a new user of Open Office and as I learn to use it, I want to be able to contribute as well. Thanks for having me. Atyeb Ba Atum Re -- Nothing is as it appears-- Wu Nubu ... 25 Apr 2010 04:24
[discuss] suggestion
You should, however, develop a tabbed interface for that should work as well as sonn as possible. -- Marius Popa ... 24 Apr 2010 17:14
batch/multiple picture import into openofficewrite
Thank You Andreas, in fact it was a great idea, I really needed to upgrade to OOo 3.2 and the SRB is also something I really need (don't kidding). So now, do You mean that I should create a table with picture names? Thank You again Tomas On Fri, 2010-04-23 at 23:41 +0200, Andreas Saeger wrote: Tomas La... 25 Apr 2010 11:02
what is abt Open office forum ?
Kabir Smahit wrote: Gd aftrn,i am a new subscrib discuss so i need some infos regarding the forum.I want to get connection with subscriber to change id�es.Thanks in advance. Hi, Kabir, and welcome. Right now, you are not actually subscribed to this mailing list. To do that, you can send a message to discus... 23 Apr 2010 21:18
[discuss] input request for better default settings in OOo
Hi All, The UX community has a new subproject of Project Renaissance called "Better Defaults". We've been at it for two weeks or so, and need additional input from a wider audience, i.e. YOU! See my blog post for more info and the links to the wiki where you can enter your 2cents: 23 Apr 2010 21:18
[discuss] Removing ODF "Save As" function in MS Office
I'm on a thread in the MS Forums where the OP is wanting to remove the ODF "Save As" function from Office 2007 "for legal reasons". (His explanation). I've asked him if he can say WHAT this "legal reason" might be. (None that I can think of...) and I'll report back if I get an answer... ----------------------... 23 Apr 2010 21:18
How should OOo deal with ods-spreadsheets producedby Excel 2010?
Hi Regina, On Monday, 2010-04-19 18:52:32 +0200, Regina Henschel wrote: It seems, that there is consensus to translate all Excel formulas to OpenFormula, if it is directly possible. If that is possible, yes. But some questions remain: (1) What shall we do, when saving such an Excel-ods docume... 23 Apr 2010 17:52
Results for the Community Council Elections(2010-03)
Congratulations Olivier and Thorsten! Charles-H. Schulz. Le Thu, 22 Apr 2010 12:12:46 -0400, Christoph Noack <christoph(a)> a écrit : Hi everyone, the results of the elections held earlier this month are now available. Two of the three candidates have been confirmed to represent ... 23 Apr 2010 17:52
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