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Move message after reading?
It would be more helpful to have the rules move incoming messages after I read them from my inbox. ... 19 Jan 2010 19:13
Outlook 2003 is slow to switch from Mail to Calendar, why?
it takes about 15 seconds to switch from mail view to calendar - can someone offer a suggestion? My outlook.pst is only 250 MB ... 19 Jan 2010 15:49
Outlook 2007 goes offline repeatedly
Have at least 3 user complaining that when they open Outlook it is in the offline mode. Left untouched it will eventually (a few hours later, they say) go on line. I have checked their computers and their connectivity to the domain/servers and everything on that end is ok. Their Outlook settings are ok too. Whe... 19 Jan 2010 14:41
Can I always Bcc myself automatically?
Is there a way I can set Outlook so that my name is always in Bcc anytime I send an email? ... 20 Jan 2010 06:13
Error message 0x80040600
I have Windows 7 and Outlook 2007. All of a sudden, I cannot use Outlook at all, no calendar, no emails, no anything. Each time I try to use it, it says Error mesage 0X80040600. Can anyone help?!?. Submitted using ... 19 Jan 2010 12:25
email address changes from what is entered
When sending an email to a person in my addressbook, the address is changed to the following extension: I don't know how this is being changed. I have checked my antivirus program (Microsoft Security Essentials) and there is no evidence that it made the change. Does anyone kno... 19 Jan 2010 11:17
Spacing problem in email text
When I'm typing a message in an email, I get a huge space after the apostrophe - rebooting doesn't correct it - any suggestions? ... 19 Jan 2010 10:10
PC won't hibernate when Outlook open says Word in use - when not!
Hi, Recently Outlook 2002 has stopped Laptop from hibernating. Dialog box says network resources active, specifically Word, these have to be stopped , and then hibernation can continue. 1. Laptop is standalone. 2. Word is not running, but is present on the Laptop. 3. Closing Outlook solves the problem. ... 19 Jan 2010 09:03
how to minimise photo attachments for email sending ?
when i attach a photo to an outgoing email, it takes hours for it to go through. I'm told bye the receiver, that it the picture is absolutely huge & takes hours to come in on the server. if i could minimise the photo, it would go through quicker & could be re-enlarged bye the receiver ?? ... 19 Jan 2010 09:03
ms outlook - no date on emails
HI, My emails show up correctly in my inbox list.However when i open each individual mail up it shows "sent:none" ie no date/against it....which is a pain when say I want to print a copy and have the date on. My sent box etc are fine ... its just my inbox any help would be greatly appreciated Howard. Submit... 19 Jan 2010 09:03
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