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Customize "new item alert" window?
We are using MS Outlook 2003. I have a group of users who need a pop up alert message to appear when their manager sends them a certain flagged message. Easy enough, I'm going to give them a rule that will use the "new item event" action. However, the users want this window to appear with the predominate color bein... 1 Mar 2005 10:40
how do I sign onto my roadrunner account from another location?
I am in a hotel, I added my Roadrunner internet email account to Outlook on a different computer, but I am not able to access the mail. How do I access my personal email account from a different computer? ... 26 Feb 2005 11:49
time limit for logging on was reached MAPI 1.0 [000004C2]
The time limit for logging on was reached while waiting for system resources. Try again. MAPI 1.0 [000004C2] HELP, I am trying to create a new Outlook Profile (control panel, mail, show profiles, add), after filling in the requested information, I receive the above error. When I click on 'ok' it gives me; An ... 26 Feb 2005 03:39
Event ID 3009...
We are running Outlook 2003 on a Win2k3 Std Edition connected to Exchange 2003. Multiple clients connect to the server thru a Terminal Server session (Citrix) to run the application. We are getting a number of the following errors in the Application Log. Source: LoadPerf Category: None Type: Error Event ID:... 25 Feb 2005 20:30
WWhat is "ThorConnWndClass"?
Getting messages about "ThorConnWndClass" when outlook hangs up/ Any know what is going on? How to fix?? ... 26 Feb 2005 21:05
Creating folders in Personal Folders
I have a user who is trying to creat a folder in his Personal Folders and when he goes to click New Folder an error pops up saying "The Inbox Assistant could not be displayed. the Deferred Action folder could not be located." He is using Thinkpad T40 plenty of RAM XP Pro. His Personal Folders are big but not c... 25 Feb 2005 11:01
HTMLInlineSoundCtl Error Message
If I remember correctly Windows XP SP2 was released in summer 04. Following its installation it proves impossible to embed sound (or other so called web objects) within e-mails using Outlook 2003 and probably other versions. Now assuming it must have taken, oh, let's be generous, no more than 24hrs (an my gue... 4 Mar 2005 11:53
How to copy Outlook profile
Hi, I'm trying to move my outlook to another computer. I know how to copy and move the pst file, but I don't know how to copy the profile which contains my email accounts (I have several accounts), my rules, etc. Can anyone help me with this? Appreciate your help. Regards, Eriwn ... 14 Feb 2005 08:44
Remove Sync Issues Folder
I am not using cached mode with Outlook 2003, however, the sync issues folder still appears. Is there a way to remove the folder? ... 16 Feb 2005 20:33
outlook is trying to retrieve data
This started today. ????????????????? "outlook is trying to retrieve data ............" What is going on? SBS2003,Outlook2003, Cya. ... 24 Feb 2005 10:47
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