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Some Yahoo china servers using postfix + amavisd-new
Received: from ( []) by (Postfix) with ESMTP id B80472581C6 for <me(a)>; Sun, 7 Feb 2010 12:31:03 -0200 (UYST) Received: from localhost (localhost []) by (Postfix) with ESMTP id... 7 Feb 2010 13:07
Hi list, I am using the autoresponder to send holiday of users. But to enable it, type the queue problems with e-mail has increased significantly and also with the delivery of messages that were passed to autorespoder not arrived in the User's My configuration: ( smtp inet n - - ... 5 Feb 2010 17:19
Postpals policy daemon to whitelist known correspondents
Hello, There was a thread earlier about whitelisting known correspondents. I have now written a tool for my pleasure, but feel free to check it out. Cheers, Henrik ... 6 Feb 2010 01:03
Limiting warning mails
Dear All, Yesterday i noticed that one of our smarthosts wasn't delivering mail anymore. Soon saw that both Domain Controllers that are being used for ldap lookups where down. Changed the ldap lookups to new domain controllers, immediatly afterwords the postmaster mailbox started to fill with these errors. Tran... 4 Feb 2010 09:59
How to limit attachment size in postfix
Hi All, Is there any way I can limit the size of per attachment in postfix? Thanks & Regards, Sumit Arora IPG R&D Hub, Gurgaon Hewlett-Packard India Software Operation Pvt. Ltd. Work: x19013 Cell: +91-9958181104 ... 5 Feb 2010 01:46
Postfix and Exchange
I have three postfix as relay server on the dmz, and one exchange into the inside that collect and distribute the mail... We need to activate the smtp authentication on Exchange, but if we do this the relay cannot send the mail to the exchange. I need to activate the authentication between Postfix and Exchange. It... 4 Feb 2010 11:07
Setup "SMTP authentication" and "encrypted connections (SSL)" in postfix
Hello, I'm creating a mailserver based on postfix. This mailserver will relay the outgoing email to a main mailserver. There will be some accounts from some domain. So it could be that I need to setup the "SMTP authentication" and "encrypted connections (SSL)". Do you know how to setup that values in postfix?... 8 Feb 2010 08:52
How to setup postfix to put the queued emails in hold (and not in deferred)
Hi to everybody. I've setup postfix to queue all the outgoing emails. Basically I've add in this line: hold unix - - n - - smtp And in I've wrote: defer_transports = hold default_transport = hold The problem is that the queued emails will be in deferred q... 24 Feb 2010 11:59
Address rewriting problem
Hi, I've installed mailman on my postfix gateways but I've run into a problem with the virtual aliases for it. I've got a hash file added to the virtual_alias_maps with entries like this: test(a) test-admin(a) 4 Feb 2010 11:07
content and spam blocking
Now that I've finally got my Postfix system working, I would like to know what restrictions I can use to block Spam, Malware and do some content filtering. Also is there an order that these have to be applied? Regards Jon ... 4 Feb 2010 21:22
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