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Multiple access lists
Hi all, I have configured my Postfix to use multiple access lists like that: check_client_access hash:/usr/pkg/etc/postfix-in/list1, hash:/usr/pkg/etc/postfix-in/list2 I think this has worked some time, but it does not now - list2 seems not to be used. I do not find anything in official docs or Google a... 8 Apr 2010 12:35
hotmail problem
sorry for this generic mail system question i've got a problem with hotmail; when i send mail to a particular domain ( sometimes it bounce back saying : This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification. Delivery to the following recipients failed. as(a) Final-Recipien... 8 Apr 2010 07:14
Hello, i would like to create the following setup for two postfix servers. The setup: Server A is the smtp(s) server and the MX record for some domains. He accepts mail from clients over sasl/tls for delivery to the internet or to the domains. He does forward all external mail to Server B He works as a ma... 8 Apr 2010 19:42
Email blackhole (was: configure postfix for virtual domains)
On Wed, Apr 07, 2010 at 11:19:37AM +0200, aa wrote: Subject: configure postfix for virtual domains Changed to be relevant to what I think you are wanting to do. I configured my postfix server to use virtual particular I setted that all addresses that are parts of a particular domain won't... 7 Apr 2010 14:38
Have some local transport issues
I had posted some of this before but since I wasn't a valid subscriber I was "silently" ignored.. mybad.. :-) --- I have an internal relay that I am replacing (sendmail with postfix) I have followed : and have my transport working with relay_hos... 7 Apr 2010 08:58
UTF-8 Subject Logging
On Wed, Apr 07, 2010 at 07:52:56PM +1000, Jim Smith wrote: [...] How can I make it so that Subject: =?utf-8?B?UX..... is displayed correctly in it's native language? (in this case it's Chinese but it could be another language) As far as I know such a transformation is the job of a MUA for example, it's no... 7 Apr 2010 19:10
Bounces resulting from forwarded Mails
Hi List! I am having the problem that our Postfix Mail Server generates too many bounces which unfortunately results in getting listed (at least at Having digged deepter into the problem i already read and followed [1] as well as the obvious stuff like correct local_recipient_maps. The problem ... 8 Apr 2010 09:29
Selective alias depending on FROM?
Hi all, I've a PHP script which is executed by 'www-data' (the httpd user) local user in Debian GNU/Linux box. I use this smtpd box as massive mailing remainder to all of our costumers. Because of that I need to know the costumers haven't could be contacted, so I want to redirect these bounces to dedicated... 7 Apr 2010 19:10
Error compiling postfix with SASL
I having a heck of a time compiling 2.6.5 onto my CentOS 5.4 system (x86) with SASL support. I can verify that the libssl and libcrypto libraries are present: $ ls /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/ $ ls /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/ so I make my Makefile like so per the documentation: ... 6 Apr 2010 19:51
What does postfix need to be in a dmz zone?
I have a dmz zone on my network. The postfix sits behind the dmz zone. The public IP address is translated (nat) to the dmz zone. I asked about the proxy interfaces command in the file. I was told I needed to put in the public ip address for the server. What does this do since it didn't seem to make... 6 Apr 2010 19:51
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