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Response codes
Hello, Should a system that gives the following response to a SMTP request give a code 450 error or a code 550 error (I did think a code 550 should be given). (host[70.34.y.z] said: 450 4.1.1 <user(a)>: Recipient address rejected: undeliverable address: host[70.34.x.y... 30 Apr 2010 15:09
relayhost and transport_maps (SOLEVD)
On Fri, Apr 30, 2010 at 1:14 PM, Wietse Venema <wietse(a)> wrote: HI Brian, How can I change this to a map file? For an example, see:        Wietse DOne, here's my last configuration: postconf -n: alias_database = ha... 30 Apr 2010 09:28
customised smtpd_sasl_authenticated_header
we use smtp login maps to autheticate our clients and the parameter "smtpd_sasl_authenticated_header = yes" to add the a authenticated user to the header ... ---------------------------------------------------- Received: from somedom.domain,com ([]) by Microsoft SMTPSVC(6.... 30 Apr 2010 13:59
smtp-sink custom return codes
Folks: smtp-sink returns the following strings if configured to reject a command (ie, the -r, -f, -Q, arguments): #define SOFT_ERROR_RESP "450 4.3.0 Error: command failed" #define HARD_ERROR_RESP "500 5.3.0 Error: command failed" I have found it useful to be able to customize these response... 30 Apr 2010 10:35
clamav with
Folks,   I would like to filter out and quarantine emails which has SocialSec or CreditCard numbers within Subject or Body of emails [regular ascii digits] I see ClamAV has options with DLP[Data Loss Prevention] - does anyone knows what exactly I have add within to accomplish this? This is a plain... 29 Apr 2010 16:56
smtpd ldap query causes session to hang with postfix 2.6.2
Hi, We have a situation where LDAP query is resulting in a LDAP 80 level errorduring a domain lookup. Yes I understand we need to fix this problem. However, the side effect we see is the client's SMTP session hangs. Over a period of time all SMTPD sessions are consumed and no mail is processed.The only solution w... 30 Apr 2010 01:51
I'm current using recipient_bcc_maps to forward spam trap emails to a dnsbl. I've been asked by another dnsbl to provide them the same trap data. According to recipient_bcc_maps, I can't bcc to more than one address. I thought of creating a local alias that expands to both addresses and bcc'ing that local alias a... 29 Apr 2010 14:40
relayhost and transport_maps
Hi, I'm sending all emails to a relayhost with a TLS connection , but I want to send mail to specific domain using another hosts. I mean: * --> []:587 (TLS) and *@domain1 smtp:[host1] *@domain2 smtp:[host2] This is postconf -n output: alias_database = hash:/etc/aliases alias_maps ... 30 Apr 2010 07:17
adding header to outgoing mail
I need to add this header to all outgoing email on my servers: X-SMTPAPI: {"category": "Forum Notifications"} How can I do that? file? thanks in advance, -- Regards; Israel Garcia ... 29 Apr 2010 07:52
content_filter post processing question
We have a custom content filter in place. During the execution of this filter we create a set of files, per message, for the purpose of being processes after the filter is finished. The goal in that was to get the mail back into postfix ASAP. In the background we have a cronjob that goes through the sets of fil... 14 May 2010 18:19
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