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Spampd proxy bypassed by some mails
Hello, I've setup Postfix 2.7.0 to relay all mails to the local proxy spampd: smtp inet n - n - 25 smtpd -o smtpd_proxy_filter= -o smtpd_proxy_options=speed_adjust inet n - n - - smtpd -o smtpd_a... 27 May 2010 21:28
I've inherited a botnet target
I've a hunch that the following problem is not something that can be configured away through postfix but, as I'm well aware that my config-fu is not the strongest, I'd like any advice more experience among you might have. I'm sure this isn't a rare problem. I recently began supporting the website for a small o... 27 May 2010 11:30
IDN domain name support
Dear all, I live in Argentina and now we can use the Ñ letter in our domain names. I have a mail system conformed with Debian Lenny / Postfix 2.5.5-1.1. My question is this: Does Postfix 2.5.5-1.1 support IDN domain names in case I create a @ñoñ domain ??? Or is it a problem inherent only to mail c... 27 May 2010 17:03
disable bounce notification
Hi, I would disable in my postfix installation the sending of bounce mail. I try to change my in this way: bounce unix - n n - 0 pipe -vv user=mail flags=Rq argv=/etc/postfix/ and the script is: # cat /etc/postfix/ #!/bin/bash... 27 May 2010 08:10
Provide XFORWARDed attributes to policy server?
I have a policy server that needs to be able to make policy decisions after a before-queue content filter. The problem is that the client IP address reported by the second smtpd instance to the policy server is that of the proxy (i.e. localhost), rather than of the sending server. Would it make sense to add t... 26 May 2010 13:35
allowing/authorized pipelining & high volume email
This college has a contract with Rave Messaging to deliver high volume (ex campus emergency) communications via many vectors including email. In their requirements document, in the portion on email, they write: "IMPORTANT NOTE: When an emergency alert is sent by your institution, Rave will open multiple SMTP co... 26 May 2010 21:22
how to re-write postfix headers
Hi. I wish to rewrite or disable "userid X" (Received: by (Postfix, from userid 100)), for not show on postfix headers. is possible to make these settings in file configuration of postfix? -- -------------------------------------------------------- LCC Wilberth de Jes�s P�rez Segu... 26 May 2010 14:42
Currently I use the smtpd_recipient_limit value below the norm, however, there is a need for some users being released this value, ie, they would have another dealings, or getting another value, is it possible? -- M�rcio Luciano Donada <mdonada -at- auroraalimentos -dot- com -dot- br> Aurora Alimentos - Coopera... 26 May 2010 14:42
smtp, randomize recipient domains
Hi, We host a few mailing lists and I noted that when the messages are cued, it is done so in recipient-domain alphabetical order. We already implemented restrictions on concurrency and number of recipients per message not to trigger various filters at the receiving end, and now I thought that maybe it would w... 26 May 2010 11:21
postgrey migration when moving physical server
Manao ahoana, Hello, Bonjour, I use a Postfix 2.5.5, the one embeded in Debian Lenny. I have to physically move the server to another hardware. The server IP wont be the same (it doesn't matter, may be). It's a receiving server so I dont want the move to generate greylist, in order to disturb the least our u... 26 May 2010 11:21
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