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Cannot read file with password
I've created a 2003 .ppt file, with a password. If you enter the password you can make edits. If you do not enter the pw, then the file opens in read-only mode. When another person on our network tries to open the file, they receive an error message...."Powerpoint can't read the outline from s:\directory\fil... 3 Jun 2010 12:18
Random color changes
Does anyone know why a presentation (2007 saved in compatibilty mode) would suddenly begin to change line colors on shapes and in charts within the presentation. There are no links to anything outside of the presentation, the file is not shared. I opened it to make my monthly updates and the colors were chang... 3 Jun 2010 10:03
Hyperlink from word 2007 to power point 2007 (specific slide)
Hello, I have been at this for hours and hours and i still cant figure this out so any advice would be helpful. I am trying to create a hyperlink in Word 2007 (.docx) to a specific power point (.pptx) slide (slide 8 titled Award, to be exact). So i have the hyperlink created and i can get to the power point... 3 Jun 2010 14:33
Changing space before and after paragraphs does nothing
I am using PP 2003. I am trying to format text in a text box within an existing presentation. I set the line spacing for the whole text box, and that works fine. However, changing the line spacing before and after parapraphs does absolutely nothing. I have checked to make sure that I have put hard returns in to separ... 3 Jun 2010 11:10
can I put a weather widget into a powerpoint presentation?
I'm using Powerpoint 2003 to scroll through a welcome and what's on page in our conference centre. I'd like to display a weather radar on a page too. Is this possible? Thanks ... 2 Jun 2010 22:02
Slides advance on mouse over - do not want
Hello There, I have a ppt presentation that I got from someone else. The use for this ppt is as a kiosk slide show. All the slides are set for advance on mouse click only. The problem is: If I select a slide from the main menu (the first slide in the ppt). it navigate to the slide indicated by the hyperlink o... 2 Jun 2010 20:56
Print or Print Preview not showing text
Print or Print Preview not showing text using PP2007 just released SP2 for office Now when we try to use print or print preview only see some of the text headers. None of the text is showing or the background or images, using built in templates. Worked bofore After testing, I found I have to set the color... 2 Jun 2010 20:56
how can disable previously used design template in new sheet?
in my power point i got previously used design template automatically when i open new blank sheet. how can i avoid that? ... 2 Jun 2010 19:50
X in images or text boxes when printing
We have printed several large posters that have been made in Powerpoint. The finished posters are usually about 4ft x 3ft, and we save them as either ppt, pptx or pdf files. Unfortunately, several of our posters are marred by big crosses through the text boxes and/or images. We can't figure out why - it doesn... 2 Jun 2010 18:43
PP 07 AutoShape tranperancy.
Using Power point 2007. How can I set the transparency for inserted AutoShape? I have 3 circles that overlay on top of each other. I want the part that overlay them to be about 50% transparent. the transparency shows when they hover over each other but. it is solid when I stop or print it. I can do thi... 2 Jun 2010 17:37
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