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Routed Through Client?
Quick question: Let's say I want to move data from a table on server A to a table on server B and was going to use the standard Data Pump task or whatever it is called and OLE DB Source and OLE DB Destination. (Everything is SS 2005.) Let's say that I run the package from a Vis Studio session on my laptop,... 4 Aug 2010 18:00
Table-lookup transformations
Hi, we are doing some table-lookup transformations based on LEFT and INNER joins. Probably around 100 - 50K rows/second or something like that. I have noticed that the lookups are getting slower and slower due to a growing database. The server itself is heavily loaded, CPU and IO-subsystem - which I know ... 4 Aug 2010 13:37
SQL Server security design question - theory
SQL2005 were in the middle of porting an existing system over to .net etc but were having a discussion on how to restrict users from accessing certain parts of the of an MDI based application, my collegue thinks its best done from SQL Server roles. That once the user has loaded the application it initiall... 4 Aug 2010 16:55
Combine Query
SQL 2008 I have a table with a XML field that stores an XML file. I have no problems grabbing data from this field using the query below. DECLARE @x xml; Set @x = (Select ReportFile FROM XMLREports where LedgerKey = @LedgerRef); BEGIN SELECT T5.c1.value('@ref[1]', 'varchar(max)') AS [RDI_name] , T5.c... 4 Aug 2010 11:25
Need to recover my database
Hello there In some database there were corruption who cause it to be down. the Only backup i have is the mdf 6 hours before corruption. the file was conneted to database when the disk backup occur. How can i revive it? ... 4 Aug 2010 16:55
Permission issue with LINQ ?
SQL 2005 SP3 Standard. I used to assign execution permission to stored procedures; you all know the benefits of this choice. With the use of LINQ, developers move routines into Visual Studio, asking for datareader and datawriter permissions, with clear security problems. How can I do to mitigate this situat... 6 Aug 2010 03:55
Decode XML Data Type
I have something like the following: declare @msg xml set @msg = '<Message><SubItem>Some Text</SubItem></Message>' I'd like to be able to extract the value of the SubItem node, but I can't find the syntax. It might be something like (I made this up): SELECT x.SubItem FROM @msg and it would ret... 4 Aug 2010 09:14
Visual Foxpro
Does anyone know what's happened to the Visual Foxpro newsgroups???????? ... 3 Aug 2010 21:21
Script to list access right
Hi I am trying to find any script which would generate list of login users with certain access level (select, write etc.) at one particular database. Is there something like that? Thanks. Justin ... 3 Aug 2010 16:58
Help Needed in query
hello, everyone Help needed in query i have a table which have three field tabId tabPrtId tabSlab 1 11 50 2 11 100 3 11 150 4 11 200 tabId Is table id it is key also tabPrtId Is Party ... 4 Aug 2010 03:51
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