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Client upgade from sql server 2005 to sql server 2008
Hi, I have upgraded my Sql Server 2005 to Sql Server 2008, do I need to install anything on Client Machine, running Windows XP Service Pack 2 ? Thanks and Regards, Luqman ... 28 Jul 2010 08:33
How to add a system data source for sql server 2005 express in ODBC
Hi, I add a system data source in ODBC administraor for local sql server 2005 database successfully. But I could not do the same thing for my local sql server 2005 express. For the server box, I tried [local] and sqlexpress, deselect Connect to sql server to obtain default settings for the additional configu... 16 Jul 2010 03:25
SQL TimeZone Conversion which handles DST
I was googling for an SQL TimeZone Conversion utility/function for our situation & found this article with source code: SQL 2005 Time Zone Conversion Functions - CodeProject John Bell wrote: HiAs you said you either need to store the offset ... 15 Jul 2010 19:51
SQL Server Backup overwrite?
My current backups are stored here S:\backup\retail123.bak. I want to over write this backup with S:\backup\retail.bak using INIT. My question is will this make two copies (retail123.bak, retail.bak) or will this overwrite the existing retail123.bak and saves only one backup i.e. retail.bak. Do I need to add SKIP... 16 Jul 2010 03:25
high cpu usage
Hi, My Database (sql 2005) is all of a sudden showing up 100% CPU usage! I googled a bit and found that we need to use the DMV sys.dm_exec_query_stats for finding out the SP which is performing badly. But my question how to use sys.dm_exec_query_stats and to find out the exact t-sql query within the SP ... 19 Jul 2010 11:21
Unexpected Join behavior
I have a parent table for inspections, for example: (tblInspection) Inspec_ID Property_ID Inspec_Date Inspec_Occupied 1 349 6/4/2010 Y 2 533 6/7/2010 N I also have a child table, the follow-up inspections: (tblFolUpInspection) Inspec_I... 15 Jul 2010 17:39
Naming conventions - tables, column, parameters
Hi, Another bog standard question. I have always used lowercase with underscores for identifiers (this is what BOL uses in 2000). Is this still usual or is Pascal casing more commonly used in SQL these days (as the BOL in 2005 uses)? Is camel case ever used in SQL? Cheers, James ... 21 Jul 2010 03:47
Hi guys, A very simple question. What the deal with semicolons? I'm still working on 2000 at the moment, but we are upgrading to 2008 R2 shortly. Should we be using semicolons religiously in all TSQL code now? I have to say I don't use any at all at the moment. Cheers, James ... 15 Jul 2010 20:56
varbinary conversion
Hi, Wondering if anyone can help with a conversion type question, I have a table in a SQL 2000 database which has a notes field with a field type of Varbinary, the application that sits on top of this returns what the actual string value of this field is, is there a way that I can recreate this using TSQL. ... 22 Jul 2010 16:56
query help
sql 2000 i have three tables 1- create table mytab(id_no varchar(5), Counter smallint)) 2- create table Rectab(id_no varchar(5), refno smallint)) 3- create table Lib_tab(refno smallint) insert into mytab values(1,null) insert into mytab values(2,null) insert into mytab values(3,null) insert into mytab... 15 Jul 2010 14:19
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