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Can you improve this TSQL: I am converting DATETIME to CHAR()
Hi, I need to convert a DATETIME to the following CHAR/VARCHAR Jul 76 The Following TSQL works, but maybe there is a cleaner way? DECLARE @d DATETIME = '1776-07-04'; SELECT SUBSTRING(DATENAME(MONTH,@d), 1, 3)+' '+SUBSTRING(DATENAME(YEAR,@d), 3, 2); Thanks Russell Mangel Las Vegas, NV ... 9 Feb 2010 07:17
Split variable and exec stored procedure
Hi all, having a variable with values separated by ; how can I split it to execute a stored procedure for each of them? Like declare @MyVariable varchar(50) set @MyVariable = 'value1;value2;value3' and exec MyStored for each of value1, value2, value3, etc. Thanks a lot. Luigi ... 8 Feb 2010 19:09
determining what week i'm in
Hi All, Given a date could I determine what week I'm in starting with the current week, then week1, week2, week3 Thanks, rodchar ... 3 Feb 2010 12:53
SQL - Matchcode with multiple records
Hi, I have a table that includes the following fields: - ID - MatchCode - FirstName - LastName - City - Zip Data has come from multiple sources so there may be duplicate matchcode's but the other fields may slightly vary. I would like to get a list of all distinct matchcodes and if there are multiple ... 4 Feb 2010 03:23
Byte[] and File.
Hello, I am saving some data on a XML file (txt, jpg, ...) in byte[] format along with other information. To avoid having a XML file to big can I create individual files for that data? I mean, when I insert some binary data on the XML file that data, whatever it will be, would be saved in a file. Then when I... 3 Feb 2010 09:28
If null use previous value that is not null and take average
I have a join that produces results similar to this: SomeDate .444 SomeDate NULL SomeDate NULL SomeDate NULL SomeDate NULL SomeDate .676 SomeDate NULL SomeDate NULL I need to find the average of results like this: SomeDate .444 SomeDate .444 SomeDate .444 SomeDate .444 SomeDate .444 So... 3 Feb 2010 11:44
MLM - Binary Payout Script
Dear friends, I have table named, [customers_mst] with fields are IDNO SponserIDNo Placement Name StageB1 StageB2 BinaryBudget ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----- Now If a person name X join the plan then IDNO :- 101 SponserIDNo :- 100 Placement :... 2 Feb 2010 17:35
Temp table creation
Are there any differences when creating a local temp table using the syntax create table #temp to create table tempdb..#temp thanks in advance Ralph ... 2 Feb 2010 17:35
Outer Join showing default values instead of Null values
Hi, I have data for some days of a month. I'd like to have values for every day. So I created an outer join against a table with holds a dataset for every day of a year. The result shows null values for all days where I have no values. Is there a way to have an other value then Null? Thanks for any advice ... 2 Feb 2010 17:35
Sql Server hang when deleting many records
I have a sql server with many dbs. I don't get why when I delete a long running query(about 1 or 2 minutes) to complete, but while this is running, my other separate db on the same server hangs on some queries. --- frmsrcurl: ... 2 Feb 2010 17:35
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