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Summarizing multiple workbooks to other multiple workbooks
For a manufacturing report, I currently have each area of production logging work orders into a database. Each of these databases (8 in total) link to three seperate files based on the information it is pulling. So one of these three will pull data based on line, product, etc. The main issue on hand is when... 17 May 2010 15:48
How do you programmatically hide/unhide a command button in Excel?
Hello, I have a command button in excel that i want to be hidden initially, until another cell in the worksheet is a 3. How do I go about doing this in VBA? Thank you! MN ... 17 May 2010 16:55
Getting data from a closed wbook
Hello, Getting data from a closed wbook it works very well with the CODE 1 below inspired from However, I need to extract data from a cell which address varies per sheet and has not been named. So I would have expected to use an offset function from a named cell (see CODE 2 (... 17 May 2010 13:33
Test variable range for 'Delete'; then delete the row
I'm getting a run-time error 1004 here. Application defined or object defined error. The error seems to occur here: For Each c In Application.Intersect(ActiveSheet.UsedRange, ActiveSheet.Range("O12:O" & rngFound)) Private Sub CommandButton4_Click() Dim c As Range Dim rDelete As Range Dim rngFound As Rang... 18 May 2010 12:35
DTPicker control - Initial date
I added a date picker (DTPicker1) control on November 30, 2009 in one of my ..xlt template. At the initial Workbook_Open level of this template, the value of the "LinkedCell" of the DTPicker1 control is set to "YYYY-MM-DD". Here is the code: Sheets("MRF Form").Range("FundingDate") = "YYYY-MM-DD". My pro... 19 May 2010 13:48
Find and replace
I am trying to make a macro that will match 3 criterias and replace in formation with in that row. The rows consist of 25 columns and I need to replace the information in columns g through f and keeping all other columns the same. the 3 criterias are Date, Job, Plant A B C ... 17 May 2010 12:26
Type Mismatch Error
Below is part of the code from an Excel macro. This macro is designed to run a series of PeopleSoft queries. This works on my machine but a user in a UK cost center has problems running it. He was able to run it until last month. He gets a "Type Mismatch Error on the following line: Set WebDoc = .docum... 17 May 2010 12:26
button for saving all workbooks
hello ! anybody anybody knows that excel has a "SAVE" button with a Floppy icon, int the File Menu.. when you press this button you save the current workbook.. What if i have to save all open workbooks ??? tx !! paolo ... 19 May 2010 16:03
Find and replace
Hello all, I am trying to make a macro to replace a row worth of entries based on a date and job number. A=Date B= Job Number IE: A B C D E 1 5/15 1134 yes 650 $1,200 Replace the above with 600 5/15 1134 yes 750 ... 17 May 2010 10:13
Solver for Inventory Control
Hi! I've a problem, I have read few tutorials online for Excel Solver, but I still don't know which columns to put in the solver. This is my first time I'm using Solver. I've two products ProductA and ProductB, and then I've columns for both the products: Inventory in store Demand Inventory outgoing c... 17 May 2010 10:13
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