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Help with forcing chart axes scale
Windows XP Pro SP3 Excel 2007 I wrote a pretty simple interface to help my daughter with graphing algebra functions. The form allows her to specify the number of data points, a range of X values and coefficient values for polynomials, and then I simply write the coordinates to a sheet and the pre-made chart au... 22 May 2010 14:57
Blinking Text
I want to know the method, how do I get text blink in a excel sheet. ... 24 May 2010 13:29
autofilter master copy data to worksheet
Hello, I am requesting assistance to an ongoing challengeI am having. I have a master spreadsheet with a total of 12 Columns. Column 6 is a date column and column 8 is a two-digit hour column (HH). Column 12 is the AI_Name column where all the names are the same. I am looking for a macro that will filter e... 22 May 2010 08:21
creating a pivot with external data source (from access)
I am able to copy the records of a table to a recordset...see below know I'm wondering how i can up that in a pivot table? I've only written code when the data resides in an excel sheet Thank you this is my code to get the dataset from Access... Sub GetAccessData() Dim sh As Worksheet Set sh = Sheets... 22 May 2010 00:54
"000" reverts back to "0" even with a string
I want to have a 4 digit number in all cases but some have 0 thru 3. This is how I attempted to solve it: dim x(3) as string x(1)=234 x(2)=67 x(3)=5 If Len(x(m)) = 1 Then x(m) = 000 & x(m) If Len(x(m)) = 1 Then x(m) = 00 & x(m) If Len(x(m)) = 1 Then x(m) = 0 & x(m) the problem... 22 May 2010 00:54
Entry data sheet automaticlly updates or adds data to differant sh
I have a workbook with several sheets these sheets are all the same eccept for the title. Colunms are Name, heat one, heat two, heat three, total. then I have a sheet that the colunms are Name, total How can I make the last sheet with the Name, and total more automatated. I would like for the Name colunm to be a... 22 May 2010 08:21
Maintaining Text Box Font Setting (Excel) using VB
Forwarded to Microsoft.public.excel.programming. This group is for the use of VBA in Word. -- Hope this helps. Please reply to the newsgroup unless you wish to avail yourself of my services on a paid consulting basis. Doug Robbins - Word MVP, originally posted via "golf4" <golf4wf... 22 May 2010 18:13
I have a three page report with financial numbers. I want each page to have a different gray silouette of a baseball player behind the numbers. I tried Inserting a picture but then the box hides the numbers. Then I tried a background and there are whole bunches of little baseball players. I only want one. ... 21 May 2010 19:28
Problems with ACE OLEDB provider
Greetings! I am having difficulty updating an Excel worksheet via the ACE.OLEDB.12.0 provider. I have this worksheet defined as a linked server in SQL Server via this provider, and all attempts to update the lone worksheet in this file as a linked server results in the following: OLE DB provider "Microso... 25 May 2010 12:26
ounces vs. pounds
I need a formula to calulate a individuals within a group weight loss. When I use the . it only calcualtes to 10. ... 21 May 2010 16:08
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