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Report formatting hangs
I have a report (rptHV) that uses a query (qryHV) as its record source. The user opens a form (frmHVClient), chooses a name from a combo box, and then clicks a command button (cmdClient) to run the report. The report works fine as long as certain client names are not chosen. If those certain client names are... 3 Jun 2010 14:33
Multiple Queries...?
Hello all... This question may be in the wrong place and sorry if so... This delima throwing me for a loop and any help is appreciated. Our clients make multiple payments for the same order. They may make a deposit with a Check then pay the balance with a Credit Card. I am trying to make a section on the... 2 Jun 2010 23:08
Colored Flags
I would like to print a red,yellow or green flag based on the value of another field. I'd like to use the flags in the Excel 2007 icon set. Is there a way to import these images into Access? ... 2 Jun 2010 12:03
Report made of a query cross table
Hi everyone It must be very simple for you guys but i can't find it: How to make a report, made of a query cross table, but only show records that the total of all months are diferent than zero (0). Negative and positive values. That report sums the sales for each person, each months and i want to know who sell... 7 Jun 2010 09:40
Error in totals when no data in subreport
Good Evening: I have a report ("Invoice") which has 2 subreports, one for parts and the other for labor. When either has no data the calculations for totals on the main report show #error. I am having difficulty making the data from the offending subreport zero (0). Any ideas as to how to force the situation ... 2 Jun 2010 00:06
blank subreports appearing on every record of report
I have a report with many records, and only on a few records there will be a subreport displayed. This works fine, except that a little sliver of the subreport shows up on every record of the report. Each little sliver is blank, but adds a bit of height to each row, and generally looks ugly. I've set all of the... 1 Jun 2010 16:26
Merge Fields into one in Access Report
What happens if your data is not in alphabetical order but in an order that you want to have this merge field criteria applied? What if you have multiple merges that you would like to perform? Here is my data: Raw Data is to the left. For sorting purposes, I put "C" data in before "B" but it does not have to be s... 1 Jun 2010 03:16
Subreport Keeps Repeating Itself
Hello, I am having a problem with a report. I am trying to print out paystubs for employees over a given time period. I have a start up form in which the user types in the “StartDate” and the “EndDate” of the pay period which is 2 weeks. I need to be able to calculate the regular/overtime hours for each week so... 3 Jun 2010 00:14
Allen Browne's Has the Rcd been Printed - Taking it further
Hi, I'm using Allen Browne's code from Has the Rcd been Printed and all of that is working great. I'm now trying to implement the Taking it Further - Track each time a record is printed. (This has been cross posted to queries. I only did this because there is only one day left on this forum.) I am trying... 31 May 2010 02:14
Resource For Help With Access
I provide help with Access applications. I specialize in designing the tables for a new database and fixing problems and adding new functionality in existing databases. My fee could be as low as ten dollars. If you need help and can no longer connect to a newsgroup, I can help you. Contact me at my email addres... 7 Jun 2010 00:58
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