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Many to Many Relationship Report
Good Afternoon, I am hoping this is possible, any help is appreciated: I have 2 tables: Table 1 CC# Router# 1002 1 1002 2 Table 2 CC# Switch# 1002 3 1002 4 I am trying to get: Report 1: 1002 Router 1 2 Switch ... 18 May 2010 10:22
Suppress printing group footer using Calculated field(s)
I think I already know the answer but, will ask just to be absolutely sure. I have a report. 2 tables PART and TRANSACTIONS and need to do some comparisons to output to a report differences that need to be fixed in the PART table. From The TRANS table I have QTY ( quantity of parts purchased), COSTED_QTY (... 17 May 2010 15:48
Adding control to report
I'm currently running a retention report from my database where you select a specific date range and it returns all records from that range. The code I use is: Dim strWhere As String Dim stDocName As String stDocName = "RetentionReport" strWhere = "[Date] >= #" & _ Forms!CountsReportMe... 18 May 2010 10:22
adding another control
I'm currently running a report to pull retention data for a certain time period in my database. The current code I use is: Dim strWhere As String Dim stDocName As String stDocName = "RetentionReport" strWhere = "[Date] >= #" & _ Forms!CountsReportMenu![FromDate] & "# And [Date] <=#" & _ ... 17 May 2010 13:33
Hyperlink created in Access does not function when printed to pdf
I have a database in Access 2007 in which I created a field that hyperlinks to Google Maps for an office location. In Access database, the hyperlink works perfectly. When I print the report to Adobe PDF, the link cannot be accessed. I have a similar field that opens our e-mail program and generates an e-mail... 3 Jun 2010 11:10
Export from Access to Excel disabled
My company is in the process of upgrading to vista, but they are using Microsoft Service Pack 1 instead of 2. The option to export to Excel is disabled in SP1 and at this time they will not use SP2. Is there any fix or add-in I can install in order to be able to export from Acess to Excel without going to servi... 18 May 2010 09:16
Dynamic Reporting System
Has anyone experimented with, or completed, any kind of dynamic report building system, within Access? This would be for use from an MDE, not the Reports tab. I would be interested in looking at how you were able to accomplish this. Thanks in advance. Sharkbyte ... 17 May 2010 12:26
Dynamically Add fields/controls to reports
Hello, I've not much experience with building reports in MsAccess. Can one dynamicall add fields/controls to reports from a vba module such as that linked to a form? i.e. do processing . . .set a sql string as a report's recordsource, then have the fields of the recordsource added or displayed in the report... 17 May 2010 22:24
Report summary
I need to group and summarize and then toatl entries for only one field/column If I only select one field/column I don't get asked to group? Can I do the grouping in Design or layout? Terry ... 15 May 2010 02:58
Calculating Readmit Rate
Hi John, thanks! for the solution. I do have the member id as the unique identifier instead of the last and first name. Also, there might be a break between the time frame but as long as the discharge date from the NH to the admit date to the Hospital is within 30 days - it would than be considered as Readmit. K... 14 May 2010 17:14
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