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I have found some information on this virus you have obtained... this should help you just to know what ur dealing with. it is a pain to get rid of tho i have just had to reinstall my system because it had chewed it to pieces. it uninst... 16 Oct 2007 11:37
security flag turned off
i keep getting a pop up in the center of my monitor every ten seconds or so saying " flag off ".1 ...what is a security flag...2 did i manage to turn it off in the first place...and most importantly of all 3... how the bloody hell do i get it turned back on. ... 5 Jun 2007 08:01
Undo "Always run install program as"
(Windows XP Media Centre Edition) The "Install program as other user" window pops up when you try to install a program using an account that does not have install privileges (limited/user). If you check the "Always run install program as" and continue, how do you later reverse (undo) this setting on the releva... 30 May 2007 04:57
unable to display security informtion on registry to set permissio
Thanks. I looked on web site as you suggested and did not see a patch specifically for this error and those listed were from 2006. The CD that I can purchase is also old- 4/2006 -which would be the version I have - I thiink - as I just purchased this scanner. I kind of thought that, since I can't look at the ... 31 Mar 2007 16:13
How to trace a missing process
My system log continually logs the following message on reboot: The MCSTRM service failed to start due to the following error: The system cannot find the file specified. I understand that this process is not a Microsoft process, but a Real Player process. My question is, how do I track this back? The e... 16 Mar 2007 09:29
Numerous Object Access Failure Audits (Event ID 560) for NetBT_Tcp
The security event log has thousands of 560 failure audit events for users (normal and administrative) and NETWORK SERVICE: Source: Security Category: Object Access Type: Failure Audit Event ID: 560 Object Name: \Device\NetBT_Tcpip_{GUID} Image File Nam... 5 Mar 2007 12:18
open file, security warning
Hi I get an "open file security warning" for an Access database file that I replaced at a customers site. I asks "do you want to open this file" every time on opening? I have not seen this before so I was wondering where I can set the file as safe in XP or one of its associated security tools? (it does not loo... 21 Feb 2007 13:48
Move $hf_mig$ via hardlink
Is it possible (and advisable) to move the $hf_mig$ to another harddrive and then create a hardlink to it? I know the "buy a bigger disc" advise, but I'm not up to it... Thanks in advance... ... 7 Feb 2007 20:22
MCSTRM service failed to start
While looking at the Event Viewer on my XP Pro SP2 system, I found this Failure Audit message under Security over and over again, I assume during reboot. What is MCSTRM and what should I do about it? The error message was a little annoying because it did not specify the file it cannot find. Thanks. Source: ... 6 Feb 2007 00:03
RUNAS causes software exception error
When I attempt to run an mmc using runas I get the following error:- unknown software exception (0xc00000fd) occured in application at 0x71002599 I have also tried using the dos runas.exe, no error shows but neither does the mmc. Any help would be greatly apprciated Neil Jones ... 21 Nov 2006 03:06
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