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Do I need a Local admin account?
I plan to have no local account on a Windows XP prof. PC with admin rights. (Administrator Account disabled) For admin rights on the PC's, I plan to add a Domain account to the local administration group. How I insure, that I can login in with admin rights any time even when the PC is not connected to the Domai... 10 Nov 2009 14:07
Multiple XP Problems - Mainly Dealing with File Sharing
We have a brand new Dell w/RAID, Windows XP Pro. This computer is supposed to replace our old Win2000 file server at work (we only store shared files there - Word, Excel, Access and also our Outlook PST files - and they are backed up to a tape drive). This is what we did (everything was done logged in as Admin... 6 Nov 2009 23:39
disconnecting network drive
I am not a tech person. I no longer use a network - the network no longer exists. I cannot install, de-install, or backup my local files. I tried following microsoft instructions but could not change my CMD string which read - documents and settings how can I eliminate the network and server connections so I ca... 5 Nov 2009 16:47
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How to password protect your USB stick?
How to password protect your USB stick? With Gili USB Stick Encryption your USB flash drives and all other external storage devices can be very easily password protected. It divides USB drive into two areas: public area and secure area. You can store normal files in public area ,and store sensitive data in secure are... 6 Nov 2009 00:32
Is AVG anti-virus free edition or Avast Free Edition better?
"John" wrote: I use AVG and have never had any problems, but as Niniel says there isnt much of a will be secure with one or the other -- JohnD76 "Niniel" wrote: I doubt there's a big difference. You can install both if it makes you feel better, just ... 3 Nov 2009 19:23
What did this do to my PC?
I installed malwarebytes and found this little gift on my system: (Trojan.DNSChanger) It seem to have messed around with the security center, but im not sure what it did to it. Does anyone know exactly what it did to my security center? ... 3 Nov 2009 21:37
Why can I map a local drive if I'm connected to the network butcan't if not?
On 10/30/2009 9:52 AM On a whim, Kelvin pounded out on the keyboard I need to map a drive to a local share for users that are off the network. net use p: \\ComputerName\ShareName I can map this if the user is connected to the network, but if I unplug the laptop, I get this error "system error 1231 has ... 30 Oct 2009 21:06
Changing computers with EFS documents
Is there anything special I need to do to get encrypted documents moved between computers. So I have a user that has his my documents encrypted with the Microsoft EFS. Back in August we did a domain migration and were able to export his certificates out of his old profile and into his new domain profile and ... 2 Nov 2009 11:16
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