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Some methods to find lost Windows Password?
"bombermanneo" wrote: Disclaimer: Following information should be used only if its your system and you have forgotten account password. Don't use this information to access a system which is not yours without permission. Many times we face this problem when we or our friends forget Windows ... 21 Dec 2009 04:48
Hiding serive user IDs
I just created several user IDs specifically to run certain Windows services as recommended in certain Windows setup programs like SQL Server 2008. But I am not interested in seeing these IDs at login time. I know there is a way to make service accounts invisible to login, but I can remember where that cont... 17 Dec 2009 23:42
A deleted/disabled domain user account still logs in locally
Hi, We have an account that has been disabled on our domain controller for quite some time, yet it still works locally on one of our lab workstations. The user's profile has been deleted by going into My Computer >> Properties Advanced, under User Profiles and deleting the account. I also checked C:\Doc... 17 Dec 2009 18:13
Cannot Logon Interactively error
Hello all. I have a huge problem. I am attempting to repair a friends computer and the error, "The local policy of this system does not allow you to logon interactively" keeps popping up. This PC was not on a network and was only connected to a cable modem. I Googled the error, went thru about 9 pages on Google... 11 Dec 2009 23:32
I have checked everywhere and cannot figure out how to lock the time and date function on the Windows XP administrator section. How can I do it so that when someone double clicks on the time, the program does not open and gives them a message of some sort. Thank you! ... 6 Dec 2009 12:50
NetDDE does not work on XP
Hello! I am upgrading a computer in a factory and on it runs software that uses DDE to connect to two machines (grinding) which seem to be running windows 3.11 or something similar. The current computer runs windows 2000 and now I try to replace it with windows XP but the NETDDE.EXE from 2004 and the NDDENB... 4 Dec 2009 21:50
Allow user to run a program with admin privs
We just "upgraded" to a new manufacturing system package and the developers had this "fantastic" idea on how great it would be to set it up so when we apply a patch to the server it will prompt the clients to auto update. Unfortunately, the auto update requires user to be local admins. Is there a way to have a... 3 Dec 2009 12:37
wotuzapi.dll and Software Distribution Service 3.0
I noticed my computer behaving mighty odd today and yesterday. I discovered in the HKLM\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Windows AppInit_Dlls that there were odd settings! (this setting is very bad news, it causes dll's to get attached to everything!). Also noticed in HKLM\Software\Microsoft\W... 3 Dec 2009 14:53
can't modify local security settings
I have a computer which was in our domain. I put it back to Workgroup and want to change its local security settings. But when launched Local Security Policy under Administrative Tools it showed a lock on Security Settings icon. Also got a lock on Account Policies and Local Policies. I only can view the set... 2 Dec 2009 16:43
Local System Account Broken
Can anyone give me any insight to this issue: I have been working on troubleshooting it for 6 months now: Out of 500 clients that use a specific program that requires a service to run on the local machine with Local System Account - this has broken for about 30 clients and I have tested moving into differen... 1 Dec 2009 10:32
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