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Unknown program in process list
Just received my new Dell PC. Have removed the bundled software, but there is a program (CLCLEAN.0001) that reapperas in the Windows task manager on boot. I've run MSCONFIG to remove it, but it doesn't appear there. It doesn't appear in the list of Services, either. The program also appears to create a ne... 22 Jan 2006 00:08
Has anyone ever heard of this and know anything about it? They go to such extremes to indicate that their program *doesn't* install spyware that it makes me suspicious. Also IE and Firefox both block a popup when I go to the site. But it does sound interesting... if it would work. 20 Dec 2005 21:28
Spybot Finds Microsoft Security Center
I'm running Windows XP Home with Spybot Search & Destroy 1.4. The detection Update is dated 2005-09-16. Spybot finds this entry repeatedly. QUOTE Windows Security Center.AntiVirusDisableNotify: Settings (Registry change, fixed) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Security Center \AntiVirusDisableNotif... 23 Sep 2005 23:17
Help! annoying "WinFixer" popup, but not installed.
Hopefully someone can solve this. First off, maybe I'm just a glutton for punishment, but I don't use a firewall. It interferes with my work. I'm a tech, so I know all the precautions to ensure my computers' safety none-the-less. Anyway, everytime I try to use IE, as soon as I enter a URL... any URL, the ... 14 Sep 2005 12:36
Privacy - free!
I've had a problem with a partner checking where I've been surfing to and made me promise to stop deleting history, which equaled guilty viewing - a friend referred me to - it's a fantastic free internet privacy proxy - no more worries! Just wanted to share...and spread the word! ... 18 Jun 2005 18:19
suspicious new user in windows
hello, recently a new user named cba_anonymous with description "Common Base Agnet Anonymous User" showed up in my windows workstation. The Agnet is not a typo, the description exactly says that. I searched goole, msn, symantec etc., all in vain. The user is connected to the Guest group & has "Execute Batch J... 21 May 2005 18:19
Registry scanner ?
Does anyone know of a good stand alone reg scanner ? Mike ... 19 May 2005 21:12 & Download Spyware?
I am a diehard fan of Texas Hold 'em and would love to try to play it against some real people with play money. I noticed today on TV an add for and Both offer the ability to play for free with play money. Okay, here is the catch... they both require you to download and inst... 8 May 2005 01:33
ISSCH.exe & ISUSPM.exe?
Spy Sweeper ID'd these two programs as recent installations on my system without permission. They appear to be the property of InstallShield Software Corporation. I did a Google search on them, but did not find info as to what they are and what purpose they serve. Does anyone have an idea of what these programs ... 10 Mar 2005 17:15
I am thinking about installing Skype on my Apple machine (OS X Panther) or Linux (Mandrake 10.1) Does anyone have any experience with this VoIP app? I have friends overseas and it sounds tempting, but when I googled it I noticed some concerns from some administrators regarding the "secrecy" of its network de... 4 Mar 2005 07:45
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