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Spyware Blaster Database Updated 10/Feb/10
13209 total items in the database, 59 new, for IE. <> Silj -- "Arguing with anonymous strangers on the Internet is a sucker's game because they almost always turn out to be -- or to be indistinguishable from -- self-righteous sixteen-year-olds possessing infini... 11 Feb 2010 00:38
MVPS HOSTS file updated [Feb-09-2010]
<paste> Download: (148 kb) How To: Download and Extract the HOSTS file HOSTS File - Frequently Asked Questions Note: the... 9 Feb 2010 20:47
Malwarebytes false positive?
Yes, I have the same problem. I do not believe, however that it is of any concern. After "fixing" it, Spyware doctor (that's right, a security program) had to restart IntelliGuard. This simply could be one security program not liking the processes of another. I have a free trial version of Malwarebytes, Norton 2010,... 26 Feb 2010 21:59
How to block a chunk of IPs?
Can someone please tell me how to block a whole bunch of IP from a certain ISP? If I were to block a range of IP, from aaa.bbb.ccc.000 to aaa.bbb.ccc. 255 --- How would I do that? I have heard about "HOSTS file" but I do not know how to block a whole range of IP using that "HOSTS file" thing. Can anyone ple... 14 Feb 2010 09:32
???? <>
Who is this and why is he/she/it posting here so often? Buffalo ... 2 Feb 2010 14:28
برنامج المؤذن Azan لسامسونج E250 حصريا
ÈÑäÇãÌ ÇáãÄÐä Azan áÓÇãÓæäÌ E250 ÍÕÑíÇ ãä ÇáÑÇÈØ ÇáÊÇáí 2 Feb 2010 14:28
"Personal Security" Spyware
Is anyone else having real problems getting rid of the "Personal Security" spyware? I thought I had a good spyware removal method, but now I'm not so sure anymore. What I have been doing is running Malwarebytes in Safe Mode, then a second time in Normal Mode. I also use Spybot Search & Destroy. Furthermore,... 12 Feb 2010 13:25
Malwarebytes Detections? These seem like FP's
Log file below shows several detections. I downloaded the detected from Gigabyte's web site some time and several MBAM full-scans ago. Same for the Brother printer firmware referenced. Lastly, the Symantec fix came from a university offering. Virustotal came up 100% clean for a smaller sample below, C:\Do... 2 Feb 2010 14:28
Buffalo wrote: Thanks for the heads-up. I have never used it but I am going to research it. Buffalo You don't need it if you have MS Defender already. ... 4 Feb 2010 21:20
David H. Lipman wrote: Does alt.comp.spyware exist ? In the future, you can check here: The answer to your current question is, "no." (Bubba's server apparently automa... 27 Jan 2010 22:48
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