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No Mic under VIA VT1708S
Hello Mates, i've got a new PC (ASRock N68-S Board) with a VIA VT1708S Chip. My Headset is plugged in into the pc's backside. The front speaker and mic are disabled in the BIOS. Sadly i can just hear, but the mic isn't useable. Has anyone experience with this Chip and has maybe a solution? That would be... 13 Aug 2010 17:56
Hi guys, a relative noob here when it comes to linux but trying anyways. I've selected opensuse 64bit as my venture into linux land. It installed flawlessly and I've figured most things out so far but now I'm stuck. I found a free game called freeorion I decided to try out. It states I need ia32bit-libs ... 13 Aug 2010 20:08
Regarding Cups Problem -Solved, It was the "duh" factor.
On Sat, 07 Aug 2010 20:01:53 +0100, Ulick Magee wrote: Is hplip installed? It should recognise your printer automatically. According to here: http://hplipopensource.com/hplip-web/supported_devices/combined.html the 5440 is fully supported under hplip I feel sort of dumb. Part of this was my fault... 11 Aug 2010 15:49
Firefox/Thunderbird broken after Factory update (ProblemFixed!)
On Mon, 09 Aug 2010 11:05:16 +0200, Eef Hartman wrote: Zach <zsmith(a)cox.net.nospam> wrote: On Sun, 08 Aug 2010 13:46:59 -0500, mjt wrote: /usr/lib64/firefox/firefox: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib64/ libkdecore.so.5: undefined symbol: _ZN9QListData6removeEi That is the fatal one, it probably is e... 9 Aug 2010 15:39
I'm trying to install ffmpeg on my server but its hard due to the fact that I'm constantly looking for dependencies (in the right order) to install before actually installing ffmpeg. Anyone know of an rpm that has absolutely everything in it that I can use to install it all in one short move? -- Its all i... 10 Aug 2010 04:44
Firefox/Thunderbird broken after Factory update
Just curious if anyone else has experienced this. I updated my 11.3 (64- bit) distro using Factory repository via YaST and now Firefox and T-Bird both crash everytime they're opened. Actually, T-Bird waits to crash until after I click on an email. I'm using Seamonkey to replace their functions which actually ... 10 Aug 2010 04:44
Nagios plugins
Unfortunately, the nagios documentation for SuSE is wrong file:///usr/share/nagios/docs/quickstart-opensuse.html It assumes nagios is installed in /usr/local/nagios. But it is installed everywhere but there. I want to install a plugin to monitor SMART for my harddisks. I found one, but can't figure out where to ... 7 Aug 2010 10:23
What is the fix, if any for Totem in opensuse 11.1
I'm using this primarily to have a Gnome desktop in order to use DVD::Rip. I've googled for a fix for Totem and what I've found is not promising. Can anyone point me toward the solution or confirm it's a losing battle. It's not an OS killer issue, as I can also use Xine and MPlayer, but I'm a sort of perfecti... 8 Aug 2010 23:16
I want to replace an old 80 GB SATA drive in a Dell Optiplex GX280 with a larger one - maybe up to a 1 TB. The current drives seem to be all SATA 3, drives, with a 300 mbps transfer rate. Will one of those work in an older computer? I don't expect it to run at 300 since the controller is only capable of do... 10 Aug 2010 13:34
prada shoes made in china <snip>
"houghi" <houghi(a)houghi.org.invalid> wrote in message news:slrni5li3q.d1a.houghi(a)penne.houghi... ["Followup-To:" header set to alt.os.linux.suse.] J G Miller wrote: And remember, they are all authentic genuine (tm) *counterfeits* mass manufactured in the People's Republic of China. All thanks fo... 6 Aug 2010 07:08
Fried or grilled spam can be tasty
Op donderdag, 05 augustus 2010, 19:29:35 +0200, Houghi schreef: What spammers want is to get the URL out to as many places as possible I thought what they really wanted was for people to read the message and click the URL, and then make a purchase? Even just clicking the URL should earn them some points be... 12 Aug 2010 03:51
The newsgroup gauleiter has stormed into action
On Thu, 05 Aug 2010 16:19:38 +0200, houghi whined: All thanks for forwarding the spam URL again and again. I did not repeat the spam URL in the body of the message, and nobody forced you to read this thread. ... 5 Aug 2010 12:25
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100% without investment….no registration fee…no need money… Online part time jobs…(googleadsense, dataentry…etc)all type of jobs… work from home..daily 2-3 hours…earn more money without any risk.. Full details at http://adsensejobworkfulldetails.co.cc/ More adsense tips,secrets,increasing money ,seo..a... 5 Aug 2010 01:35
Root login
I've just installed 11.3 and was never asked to set up a root login and password. Is this right? Are we being Ubuntu'd (my ordinary password worked for su)? It took only a moment to create a root login (the account was already there). Did I miss something? -- --- Paul J. Gans ... 5 Aug 2010 13:31
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