From: ljferrier on
First, I must say that a calculator is a working tool for me (I spend
hours working on figures, statistics, etc.). I use the calculator to
compute approximations or to do verifications on the order of magnitude
of a result. Otherwise I use a Macintosh and a spreadsheet program

I am not so sure the HP 50g will be killed by the nspire. Below are
soem of my thoughts...

If we talk about the Classpad 300 PLUS or the Xpander (I have both of
them), the stylus is really a problem: you keep on switching between
the stylus and the keyboard and that becomes quickly very annoying.

The user interface of the Classpad is certainly much more intuitive
than that of the HP 50g, but once you get used to the HP I believe you
are much more efficient. RPN take a part in this efficiency. The same
remark probably applies to the nspire.

Regarding the nspire vs. the HP 50g, I spend a lot of take comparing
them on the basis of reports and description found on the Internet
before buying the latter. Right now, ti seems to have a lot of problems
with the reliability of their OS + batteries life (hence the delayed
date of availabiliy). I also have doubts on the usabillity of the
keyboard (i.e. the small green alphabetic keys) and on the readibility
of their screen. Beside that, the software they have developed is
clearly education-oriented not business-oriented. This latter point is
a matter of choice not of technology.

The main point speaking in favour of the nspire (and of the Classpad)
is the programming language which is definitely more accessible than
RPL. But once again, which is the more powerful?

So I don't believe I will buy a nspire when it comes out (and price for
a company is not a decisive factor!). I'll rather send HP suggestions
for improving the HP 50g rather :-) And I am not too concerned about HP
calculators future.

From: Volker Neurath on
Veli-Pekka Nousiainen wrote:


Maybe it will -- someday. But at the moment it's a fact, that they have
a lot of problems with the few machines they have.

Im ?brigen bin ich der Meinung, das TCPA verhindert werden muss
From: Philippe Salmon on
Note that if you want to submit a "TI-nspire CAS Interest Form", you
NEED to fill the field :

"Which TI Graphing Calculator do you currently use? (check all that
TI-73 Explorer? TI-82/TI-83 TI-83 Plus
TI-83 Plus Silver Edition TI-84 Plus TI-84 Plus Silver Edition
TI-86 TI-89 TI-89 Titanium
TI-92 Plus Voyage? 200
If you check none of them, the request is rejected ! I conclude that
new TI users are not welcome !

Fortunately, searching in my calculators collection, I found an old
TI-82, so I can honestly check it ;-)

From: Zeno on
In article <30n0h.39113$UA7.19332(a)>, Veli-Pekka
Nousiainen <DROP_vpn(a)> wrote:

> ml?bid=4
I bet its still not as accurate as HPs in trig functions (Trig
functions as they come close to multiples of Pi radians to be
Hps calculate the answer to the exact input of 3.141592654 radians to
12 significant digits, TIs do not even come close

User inteface is one thing, accuracy of answers is anohter.
I thing HP still wins...afterall, the main mision of a calculaor is to
calculate, not look pretty.
From: duenodemonte on

Wayne Brown ha escrito:

> I never saw an actual Qonos prototype (if there was such a thing), but
> the CAD rendering on didn't appeal to me. Here is my idea
> of an ideal calculator case design:
> (1) Black, with no other colors except clearly visible (but not "flashy")
> key legends;
> (2) Perfectly rectangular case, with all straight lines, sharp edges
> and corners, 90-degree angles, no curves whatsoever;
> (3) Small screen (not more than five or six lines);
> (4) All keys (including cursor keys) exactly the same size and shape,
> except the ENTER key, which takes up exactly the same amount of
> space as two of the other keys;
> (5) The same number of keys on each row (except the row with the ENTER
> key), and identical spacing on each row, so that the keys form a
> perfectly regular grid;
> (6) Construction should be solid, rugged, and heavy. In general, the
> more it looks and feels like a solid block of black marble,
> the better.
> Add RPN and a good CAS, and I'd pay up to about US $350 for it.

Well seems that you like HP48 S with new CAS..... IsnĀ“t it HP48 GX ?

My very old, worked and, indestructible 48S use to fit, but does not
have CAS.


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