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> > Antti,
> > You have it all figured dont ya, Nobody, nothing, no company, no
> > interest. Well, seems as if two others have joined in to express some
> > interest.
> >  I agree the mating components, 4 connectors, used on the board for
> > stacking the boards are expensive and therefore need to rethink
> > that.
> > There is an SPI flash in the lower right hand of that picture, which I
> > have used to boot load, yes it was programmed with the Xilinx platform
> > Cable USB II and the impact software. I do believe that the hardware
> > is in place to allow a file to be copied into the flash through the
> > USB, CPLD, FPGA. Add power from a walwart and the FPGA is up and
> > running. I am not all together convinced that this can not become a
> > multiboot system, however it is not spoken about in either XAPP951 or
> > XAPP974.
> > Rick,
> > I did not see the problem for your electrical and mechanical designs
> > of the GPS receiver. When the design is done and all is working
> > clients merely order the mechanical component order the electrical
> > component put it together. If there is need for something different
> > all design file are available for the next design, who ever it may be.
> > Clear goals: Yes, agreed. I have met my initial goals: an operable usb
> > powered and programmable fpga with a couple of addition for usability.
> > Now what? Well as antti has so strongly points out no one wants this
> > thing. Well, i have it, I am in need of it, and I do not want to
> > purchase any of antti products, or anyone elses, for any of my
> > contracted work, not that I have alot. I need some help in putting
> > together something a bit more robust and engineering friendly,
> > friendly to me and future work. I do not want to put something
> > together that does everything just gets far enough along that I can
> > work on the customers specifics. I can not be the only one in this
> > situation, therefore I want to work with a group of like minded
> > engineers to establish a good off the shelf component for future use.
> > Now, I'm not selfish I would like to share and make all of it
> > available, I like what happened to audrino it is a nice little 16 bit
> > processor. FPGA's do not suffer this identity crisis, 8 bit 32 bit
> > processors or whatever the hardware can be reconfigured to be. I need
> > it and want it. This board is only to say that I have the ability is
> > anyone else interested, well, the internet is good enough to house a
> > loose collection of engineers for a small project.
> > Nico,
> > What yet needs to be done, that's easy just look over Antti posts and
> > wherever he says no, not, cant, doesnt, neight just solve those
> > problems. Just because antti says no, not, cant, doesnt, neight does
> > not make it so.
> > Anyways- thanks for taking time to post and give me some ideas.
> > Cy Drollinger
> there is no failsafe multiboot in S3E
> just another reason never use something as old as S3E
> Antti
> PS I am not as negative just trying to help you,
> and yes i have pretty much figured out

i must correct myself

s3e: no failsafe multiboot in SPI flash without external circuitry


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You were right, I can not refute you at this time it is $6.10 per
board so it stands no one can do it for $6 a board. Yes, they do a
minimum of $50.00. Still that seems good, no that seems great!

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> Rick,
> You were right, I can not refute you at this time it is $6.10 per
> board so it stands no one can do it for $6 a board. Yes, they do a
> minimum of $50.00. Still that seems good, no that seems great!
> Cy

min order 50$ no setup fee for 4 layer?
and free shipping?

this is pretty good if so

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> Looking for interest in an Open Source Hardware USB programmable FPGA,
> XC3S250E. I have been having some difficulty getting the right people
> exposed to this project. If you have any interest in this project
> would like to hear from you. It is headed into an Open Source Hardware
> agreement therefore their is no proprietary information about the
> design.
> Here is an image of the board.
> Cy Drollinger
> Electronic Realization L.L.C.
> 313 W. Mendenhall #5
> Bozeman, MT 59715
> PH: 406-586-5502
> Email: c...(a)

does your company have a permananet web url?
or the product actually, i am writing september brain adding
the photo of you gadet too (with commentary)
would be nice to add link too - i will defenetly NOT link to mediafire
or something similar


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Well, Thank You. It is unexpected such help but needed. The web sight
is, but only a generic business page from Network
Solutions is available. I am working on getting someone or myself to
get something put together.