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Updating SQL Server from ASP TextArea
Hello I have an ASP/SQL Server 2008 client management application. An ASP textarea submits data to a varchar(max) field. In some cases the field runs to thousands of characters. The sql string is "UPDATE tblClients SET ClientNote = " & frm("ClientNote") WHERE ClientID = " & lngClientID The update fails with... 8 Mar 2010 17:31
Windows Authentication (SQL Server 2008)
We are using SQL Server 2008. As an administrator on the box (part of the admin group), I assumed I could use Windows authentication to log into sql server. However, it is giving me a login failure. #1) How can I verify that sql server is set up to use windows authentication? #2) If not, is there a way to... 10 Mar 2010 15:18
Whitepaper on Location Intelligence
The Yellowfin BI team have produced a new paper on "Location Intelligence", the mashup of BI with GIS Extract More than 70% of your organizational data has a location component - be it a customer address or a sales territory. This combined with the growing ability of businesses to quickly absorb large volumes ... 3 Mar 2010 05:08
When are projections done?
Consider a table and a query referring to only a subset of the columns in that table. How early in the query evaluation is the projection carried out? Are the columns to be selected filtered out as early as in the very access method that reads the table rows from the buffer, or are the projection handled later, ... 2 Mar 2010 16:55
Split a period of time
Suppose you were looking at widget manufacturing data, and your DB looked like this: tblWidgetsProduced dtStartTime dtEndTime iWidgetsProduced Suppose you wanted to look at widgets produced per hour....but there was no guarantee that dtStartTime and dtEndTime fell on hour boundaries, so you might have... 26 Feb 2010 18:40
Simple query help - selecting row with highest total (for each name)
> Guys, newbie on SQL needs help on a query.. Name Total_Price Price _item_1 Price _item_2 Price _item_3 A 500 99 300 101 A 700 89 211 200 A 900 10 ... 25 Feb 2010 00:23
Place a message in the outbox of Outlook
Is there anyone out there who can tell me how to place a simple message from within T-SQL into my Outbox of Outlook (not Outlook Express) on the same machine? I have SQL Server 7, I don't have an Exchange server and I haven't setup Mail in SQL Server. Any help will be appreciated. ... 23 Feb 2010 03:32
Design question
I've been tasked with designing an application to capture data about sports clubs. Let's say there are four different types of club - Soccer, Cricket, Rugby and Tennis. For various reasons it is essential that data about each of these will be stored in its own table. I want to make use of the new datatype Geo... 23 Feb 2010 10:07
restore backup and roll forward versus detach/attach?
SQL Server 2005 SP2 9.0.3054 I would like to move my DB (with Full Recovery Model) onto a /different/ server. I would like to do this w/o losing any transactions. My question relates to when it is appropriate to: 1. restore my last DB backup onto the destination server, then roll forward any logs that wer... 19 Feb 2010 13:13
Hello, does the SQL Server 2005 or 2008 have an API for the programming language C? Regards, Domenic ... 18 Feb 2010 02:51
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