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SQL Server logins Windows groups contain old hostname after EXECsp_addserver?
SQL Server 2005 SP2 9.0.3054 Using the EXEC sp_dropserver '<old>' GO and EXEC sp_addserver '<new>', 'local' GO commands, I have successfully changed the host name of a SQL Server box. However, I notice that afterwards, under SQL Server logins, I have 3 Windows groups that still contain the OLD... 17 Feb 2010 15:36
ODBC Connection Wizard: Can't see SQL Server
Hello I wonder whether you may have some hints and pointers. I'm trying to create an ODBC User/System DSN but can't see the SQL server in the ODBC New Connection Wizard drop-down. The client machine is in a different domain than the server. I can ping the server and resolve by name but typing Servername / IP i... 18 Feb 2010 02:51
how to extend existing entity table in db without adding new columns every time
Hi, I am trying to design a db schema (or rather extend existing db schema). My goal is to extend the database table so that every time a new column is needed, we dont go about adding the new columns by altering the table. Here is some background. Business requirement: We usually have a need to extend the exis... 23 Feb 2010 03:32
Request for help with odbc driver for Python / SQL Server 2008
Hi, I am trying to port a set of Python programs originally working with PostgreSQL, to use SQL Server 2008 with Windows XP... and it is harder than expected. I tried pyodbc and ceODBC. Already read a number of documents and FAQ's. Yes I configured the Server security to allow both Windows and SQL Ser... 10 Feb 2010 17:55
SQL 2008 and Window 7
I have this wierd problem. I have created a number of login on SQL 2008 on WindowsXP without any problem. Now I start do it on Window 7, and I keep have this error 18456 when I try to login using the login I just created. I already make sure the Permission to connect to database engine is Grant and Login is Enable... 9 Feb 2010 16:14
Why this code does not work?
Hi all, Three related questions. Q1) I tried the following code and it works with set @c = CHAR(@x + ASCII('a')) + '-' + @c but it does not work with set @c = @c + '-' + CHAR(@x + ASCII('a')) Why? /*------------------------------------------------------------------*/ declare @x int; declare @c... 8 Feb 2010 22:32
Who am I just login server
Hi all, while I work on SQL Server for some time but never being on admin tasks. I install SQL Server 2008 on Admin account of Windows 7, create a database AB (used Window authenticate login or the login at installation). I create a Standard user account, and login to the database, successfully. I attempt to ac... 8 Feb 2010 17:56
DTS or Stored Procedure?
Somewhat noobish here with SQL. Have done some packages with DTS and MSDE. Looking for some guidance on the following project: Need to develop a weekly process to update a specific column in a specific table in a SQL 2008 Express database. The column contains full Employee Names. Destination field is called EmpNa... 8 Feb 2010 17:56
Convert numeric grade to letter grade
Hi All, If I have the following one-column table: Grade 80 100 90 60 50 90 I want to add a new column (in the result, not in the physical table) called "Letter_Grade" using the following convertion method: 50 = F 60 = D 70 = C 80 = B 90 and 100 = A How can I do it? You may provide more than... 9 Feb 2010 12:48
Jet uses Yellowfin for Location Intelligence
Yellowfin Business Intelligence an entirely new dimension in Location Intelligence has provide Jet Interactive with a significant competitive advantage. Australia’s leading inbound number provider has implemented Yellowfin’s integrated Business and Location Intelligence to its Call Tracker solution to extend the M... 7 Feb 2010 01:04
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