From: PA Bear [MS MVP] on
Tell 'em about it via an email to nntp(a)

sixpack wrote:
> Well if they are not going to have certain news groups then they should
> take
> them off the list of news groups on the left ! And it would have been nice
> if MS sent out a notice or something about cutting down on news groups etc
> !
> I'm sure keeping this great site open cost them way to much money !!!!!!!
> "Bob I" wrote:
>> You haven't lost them, they merely don't exist on the Microsoft news
>> server anymore. You'll have to use another newsserver or google groups
>> if you don't want to use Microsoft Answers (which is the "official"
>> replacement)
>> Roger wrote:
>>> Can anyone inform me , from my return from holiday I find I have lost
>>> newsgroups like windows outlook express, Hardware, and ie6 groups .
>>> Roger
>> .