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Chris H <chris(a)> wrote:
>True but if I write 9/11/2001 when is it? November or September? Well
>everywhere except the US it is November. Though obviously "9/11" has a
>life of it's own.

Right, that's why it's called the German Day of Destiny:
1918: proclamation of the republic
1923: Bierhall Putsch in Munich
1938: progrom night
1967: Student revolte
1989: fall of the Berlin Wall

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Chris H wrote:

> > That causes no problems here either. My
> >sister, an ex-Navy employee retired for several years, still writes dates
> >that way.
> There is a joke about that.
> Small split military /civil airfield in the US...
> Unidentified aircraft: Tower, Time check please!
> Tower: Civil or Military?
> Unidentified aircraft: What difference does it make?
> Tower: If you are Army it is 15:00 if you are Civil it is 3 O'clock.
> Unidentified aircraft: We are Marines.
> Tower: It's Mid Afternoon!
> :-)))

This has been around for a long time. The variation when I flew
in the arctic was

NewfieAirlines The big hand is at the 12 the little hand is at
the 3. (Sorry bowser)


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>>If you want to send a paper to a conference, to a standards organisation
>>etc or an official document to a Government etc then Yes it will have
>>to go on A4 paper.
>Why would that be a problem for us? Anyone in the position of sending
>things to an international conference or standards organization would
>be able to format their word processing to A4 and slip A4 paper in
>their printer.

The point is you need two paper sizes

> I doubt, though, that another government entity would
>refuse a paper on US letter stock. Our government would not refuse a
>letter from your government because the paper size was not the same as

Strangely in diplomatic circles these things matter. I too though it
would not make any difference but apparently it does.

>Do you seriously think that we would scrap billions of dollars worth
>of filing cabinets, file folders, and paper stock because twits like
>you have their knickers in a twist because we don't march to your

By "your drummer" You mean the US is out of step with the whole world?
As you point out the US has a problem of all the filing cabinets,
folders, shelves etc, just as every other country had. You can still
get the UK Foolscape size filling cabinets. Many still use them as the
are just a bit larger than the A4 ones and are a bit more useful.

The paper stock is not a problem. It will get used up fast enough.
These things don't happen over night

>By the way, was Gordon Brown's "hastily scrawled note", spelling the
>name incorrectly, to Jamie's mother on the proper paper?

Yes. It was not US letter or A4.

>We don't refuse your sales literature because it doesn't fit our
>racks. Although, that's not really a salient point because their
>aren't that many UK-made products that we're interested in buying.

You would be surprised. There are a lot. BTW last Time I looked Smith
and Wesson was UK owned!!! Actually to be fair it is the Chinese who own
most of the US followed by the Arabs, Canadians and Mexicans....

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>>>On Mon, 16 Nov 2009 14:21:54 +0000, Chris H <chris(a)>
>>>>SO a revolver jam is usually fatal. This is why autos have a reputation
>>>>for jamming, people cleared them and lived to tell the tail.
>>>So they had a brush with death?
>>>(I'm sure that pun is over your head, so I'll explain that a fox's
>>>tail is called a "brush".)
>>I used to live in Gloucestershire.
>They didn't teach you about homonyms, and when to use "tale" and when
>to use "tail", there?

It was a shaggy dog story....

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>>>>>> On Sun, 15 Nov 2009 15:25:50 -0800, "Bill Graham"
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>>>>>> wrote:
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>>>>>>>>> On Sat, 14 Nov 2009 10:03:47 -0500, "Neil Harrington"
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>>>>>>>>> Blame Napoleon. He laid down the law for France and at the
>>>>>>>>> beginning
>>>>>>>>> of the 20th century France dominated the automobile industry.
>>>>>>>> But sans Napoleon.
>>>>>>> Hummmm.....I wonder if France had stagecoaches before their
>>>>>>> automobiles, and
>>>>>>> if so, were they operated from the left or right sides?
>>>>>> Where ever they were operated from, ever since Napoleon they drove
>>>>>> on
>>>>>> the right.
>>>>> Cite. You authority is in as much doubt as ours.
>>>> I would be interested too... though it sounds plausible. Napoleon
>>>> was
>>>> into Standards and making France the Centre Of The World.
>>> Napoleon might have set the French standard just to be different to
>>> English.
>> Shirley not? :-)
>Don't call me Shirley!
>> Mind you The US did it just to be different to Europe. It was all
>> political
>If that were true we would all be riding pogo sticks, and who knows we
>might be soon enough.

It was true. When the US got going it used different standards to help
the indigenous industry and confuse importers as the US had zero
industry when it started.

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