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error code 80073712
go to your updates page and click on update history. then you can double click on one of your failed updates and see if the error code is 80073712. if it is then you need to delete a file from your old windows verision. the way to do this is to open command prompt as admin. 1. click on start, go to all progra... 1 Apr 2010 14:39
Bad certificate on MS Windows Update sites
I pulled up the following MS site via IE 8 - Version 8.0.6001.18702 - Build 86001. I received the error message: There is a problem with this website's security certificate The problem is I had just 'updated' my Microsoft Trus... 1 Apr 2010 16:54
Are A9Helper.A9 and HidInputMonitorX malware infections?
Many people who have posted WU [Windows Update] problems on various internet help sites have the following two Active X controls. Directory = C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files - A9Helper.A9 - HidInputMonitorX [1] Are these valid Microsoft software devices? [2] I have removed them but WUAU [Windows Up... 1 Apr 2010 13:33
Can't surf after installing update ‏KB980182
I'll appreciate any help... ... 9 Apr 2010 22:19
Why can't windows update see the installed updates.
I have a new computer. I installed Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007. I was asked to install 15 updates after I installed Office 2007. They all succeeded. Now I keep getting asked to install 13 of those 15 again and again. Why does windows update not see these installed updates. Windows 7 enterprise/ i7-860/8 ... 2 Apr 2010 18:13
I have an Installation Failure Error Code: 0xD0000005
On the all following updates; Security Update for Windows XP with Windows Media Format Runtime 9.5 and 11 (KB941569) Update for Windows Media Player 11 for Windows XP (KB939683) Update for Windows Media Format 11 SDK for Windows XP (KB929399) Security Update for Windows XP (KB954154) Update for Windows XP (KB9... 31 Mar 2010 18:51
MIRC ONLY on External drive - how to.
Hi: I need to run MIRC from an external drive, and am having problems! Specifically, I can load MIRC on an external disc., and set it up so that almost all its folder based functions point to that disc. However, it seems that whenever I use it I also end up with records in the "Documents and Settings " folder ... 31 Mar 2010 14:23
microsoft host controller driver update - how long is too long?
I'm running into the same problem. Does anyone have an estimate of how long this should take? Thanks -- ee1284 Posted via ... 31 Mar 2010 17:44
XP SP3 removed from automatic updates
I have my automatic updates set to notify-only. I recently selected to download SP3. Nothing happened. However it was removed from the list of automatic updates. As far as I can tell, it is not downloading and it has not reappeared as an option. ... 2 Apr 2010 21:30
error code C800042D
I get this on a laptop with vista. Then I click Get help with this error and there is NO HELP!! I even binged and googled and 0 results PLEASE HELP It wont allow to install any updates! ... 31 Mar 2010 04:23
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