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Windows XP (NL): Windows Activation Problem + Windows Automatic Update Problem = Very Slow Computer. (Messy windows update log available)
A couple of days ago I was at my mother place again... and I tried to fix it and wasted another 1 hour and 30 mins of my life. I was unable to fix it. Windows update displays error: 0x800A01CE Apperently there is a windows update log... I collected both files and put them in a WinRar file so that maybe som... 29 Jun 2010 20:44
Windows Update Hanging
Hello Gurus, I'm using WinXP SP3. The Windows Update is hanging. When I tries to open the IE8 to do the Windows Update it hang at the stage where is writes on screen: “Checking if your computer has the latest version of Windows updating software for use with website” and in the status bar is shows 38%. The W... 28 Jun 2010 17:17
windowsupdate log : error 0x8024000b
" Shenan Stanley "skrev : Chris Dupont skrev : Når jeg forsøger at opdatere via Windows Update site, den grønne bar bar netop holder på at rulle endeløst .... Jeg har fundet følgende info i min Windowsupdate.log ( Er der nogen har nogen anelse om, hvad der kan være problemet her ?) : ... 23 Jun 2010 00:51
Any hope for error update error code 80070490
Since purchase of this computer Windows has never been able to check for updates, it gives "unknown error code" 80070490. All of my other products can update, is there any hope for me? ... 30 Jun 2010 16:30
Security update for Microsoft.NET Framework (KB976576) unsuccessfu
Just like cdog (see today's thread about security update for Excel 2003), I am having problems with updating through Windows Update. Everytime I install this update (successfully according to Windows Update) and reboot my computer, I get prompted to install the same update again. I then go back to Windows Upd... 27 Jun 2010 09:34
KB925902 update causes STOP:c000021A fatal error at boot
JB, I noticed your searching and posting about this issue on the web... and finally came across your solution.. Many thanks, as this stupid update took down my windows 2003 server... Not wanting to lose a whole week of clients data, I was so glad to see this solution.. I thank you... for saving my serve... 23 Jun 2010 19:32
KB979906 gives errorcode 0x663
The installation of the above update for the Windows XP Home edition has been unsuccesfull continuously. The installation of the other updates have worked normally. Any advice for me ? ... 23 Jun 2010 01:56
security update for excel 2003 unsuccessful (KB982311)
Everytime I install this update, the computer will reboot but then I get prompted to install again. I've registered wuaus2.dll w/ no luck. Please help. ... 22 Jun 2010 14:57
Windows 7 - Windows Update Agent Version
Not sure if this is the correct forum to post this question ... What is the latest windows update agent version supported for Windows 7 - 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems. The version installed on our Windows 7 systems appears to be 7.3.7600.16385. All of our other operating systems are running 7.4.7600.2... 23 Jun 2010 18:26
Whether the JUN 2010 Released Patches are Creating Problem on Add
Dear, The envirnment: SMS 2003 SP3, with WINDOWS Server 2003 Std Edn SP2. After the JUN 2010 deployment of Microsoft Patches, while adding Hosts/Objects in any SMS-collection, does not show the newobject OR not getting added. The screen view and the list of Patches deployed is shown in the attachment. ... 22 Jun 2010 09:23
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