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How to Schedule WOL?
We would like to schedule WOL to turn on some or all the computers (Most are windows xp) on our network. Do we need a utility to do this or can it be done using windows task scheduler on a server? Thank you ... 4 Mar 2010 15:50
WinXP laptop "forgets" the user password
I wiped out an old laptop and started over with windows XP a year or so ago. I added two user names, one with a password which I use - the other was supposed to be for someone else who hasn't ever used the machine. That user name has no password, but is set up as an admin account also. Twice recently I have tri... 26 Feb 2010 11:57
OE6 Upgrade
Hello: I am using Microsoft's Windows XP (SP3) platform and Outlook Express 6 (OE6) is my main email application. Recently I installed Internet Explorer 8 and so I am wondering if OE6 has a corresponding upgrade to say OE7 or OE8. * Can Outlook Express 6 (OE6) be upgraded to say Outlook Express 7 or 8 ? ... 27 Feb 2010 15:29
Problem with system time. Too fast and auto adjusted too often
Hi to all. I have a problem and i cannot find a solution. I have a PC that have a strange behavior. Its system time is extremely fast (gains about 2 minutes every half hour). This effect is automatically adjusted in a very trivial way, that is extemely dangerous for some software i'm writing. - No internet conne... 26 Feb 2010 20:55
recover domain user password without the domain.
Hello, I have a client that has a company laptop, and he has forgotten his password. Now the laptop was part of an old business with a domain that no longer exists. What can I do to recover the password. I have access to the local admin account, but not the domain admin account on the laptop. Domain was with... 28 Feb 2010 17:51
Windows xp update issue.
I am using windows xp professional media centre edition. I have selected 'notify me befoore installing and updating windows xp' option. If I allow an update to be downloaded, will it proceed with in the background whenever internet connection is available? Or should I download the update in one lot? Thanking y... 1 Mar 2010 11:25
What happened to my F drive
I had two drives an F and a C drive. Now when I check my computer I only have a C drive ,what happened to my F drive...... -- lennox ... 26 Feb 2010 13:06
Reinstall " framedyn.dll "
I've been to Google for this but I still have not had any success . Might there be a solution without paying for this supposed fix ? I'm running XP SP3 , OE 6 . TIA , D. ... 26 Feb 2010 19:49
IconCache.db does not refresh
I have XP Pro (SP3)on an AcerPower FH computer. I recently removed a proprietary security from Acer because it blocked use of the DVD and slowed down the machine. After that, All the desktop, start menu and task bar icons disappeared. The tray icons are still there. I read that refreshing the IconCache.db wo... 25 Feb 2010 16:00
Why is Windows Search so slow???
Before I installed Windows Search on my Win XP Pro SP3 laptop (2GHz, 2G RAM, completely virus & malware free)., I used the original Windows search (search companion). When I clicked on Search companion, the search dialog immediately came up, and when I searched for a file on my HD the search was fast. Now, wh... 26 Mar 2010 12:01
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