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Windows movie maker
Hi I have just linked up my sony handycam to my computer which is running vista 32 bit. I managed to download video on to windows movie maker. I also have Roxio 2009 installed and when I switched to this to download the remainder of the video it did not recognise the video camera as being connected. Whe... 20 Feb 2010 08:02
False Alert Trojan & Windows Security Center UPDATE
sharonf wrote: My son had False Alert Trojan on his computer which was detected and removed by Spybot. The Trojan also changed the Lan settings under IE which I had to go in and change. Everything is showing up clean now and working fine....except for Windows Security Center. It keeps showing an ale... 20 Feb 2010 03:41
Print menu not displaying properly?
Print menu not displaying properly? Half of the options are inaccessible because the dialog boxes are too large. There are two out of the five printers that are doing this. Check out the screenshot. ... 20 Feb 2010 09:08
rootkits on new pc?
I just ordered a new pc from a small system builder. It will have Windows 7 Ultimate. I'm not accusing anyone of anything, but how can I tell whether it comes with a rootkit installed? ... 20 Feb 2010 15:47
Afer installing software, I know that it is a good idea to check the msnufacturer's website for 'newer' drivers. When clicking on a 'driver,' how will I know if I have the 'latest' one? Will it install regularly if it I don't have the latest one and ask me if I want to 'override' if I do have the latest one?... 21 Feb 2010 16:01
OEM Software?
Is the term OEM strictly for hardware? I thought so. Or, do software vendors release software copies which do not require serial numbers or require a sn which applies to all copies of that software installed on computers sold by a particular computer vendor? In the latter case, how would one get said sn if he ha... 20 Feb 2010 05:53
Context menu opens on wrong monitor in dual-monitor setup
Hi, Using two monitors -- main on right; secondary on left. When I click a context menu in Dreamweaver on a panel that is on the secondary monitor, the menu opens all the way on the right side of the right hand monitor. I have tried everything I can think of, and the problem persists. Anyone have any idea... 22 Feb 2010 17:35
XP Pro power options
Hello there, On an XP Pro sp3 Dell machine, although I set the power options and power schemes to never and also disabled hibernate mode it still goes into standby mode, what could be the problem? Thank you, T ... 20 Feb 2010 16:55
Why does Outlook Express hide attachments from one Sender
My home Outlook Express email hides attachments from my work Outlook email account/address. The email message shows up fine, but with no appearance of an attachment (no paper clip, no x'd out box, nothing). My home OE receives attachments from others at the office just fine. To bypass this, at work I send emails w... 19 Feb 2010 18:53
CHKDSK runnes in read only mode
When running CHKDSK I get a message stating that it will run in read only mode because the F parameter is not specified. so how do I specify the F parameter and what specification should I set in order to get out of read only. Being a bit of a novice am I playing with fire? ... 19 Feb 2010 17:46
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