From: Paul Furman on
Martin Brown wrote:
> Ofnuts wrote:
>> _____ wrote:
>>> Ray Fischer wrote:
>> <snip prespoterous claims>
>> I don't believe this stuff exists. Prove me wrong!
> Google is your friend.
> One such plugin is even unimaginatively called "Bokeh". I don't like the
> results but then I have never been into lenses smeared in vaseline etc. eg.
> Can't say I would recommend it.

Not sure exactly how that software works but to do it manually when
there are overlaps, you need to mask out the foreground & clone in some
fake background or you get a halo with the blur. It's impractical for
some kinds of scenes with a lot of overlap.

Paul Furman

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From: Teraposa Lunodas on
I'm not awaiting help, at least not from you obviously, since, being
part of the crowd of DSLR dummies/minions/trolls I don't need this

I am awaiting some proof of your claims. Einstein did make some that
where preposterous at the time, but he also gave ways to prove them.
this means giving enough information so that the people in doubt can
check by themselves (I still have a P&S somewhere).