From: Leif Bloomquist on

"David Nelson" <dnelsonfl(a)!removejunk!> wrote in message

> The email didn't go thru?

Sent again...

From: xc8/bRONx on

I just received (Athens, Greece) the drive, a big THANX to Leif for the
1581 kits that managed to find.
Now, I will start the "experiments" to find a suitable mechanism.



From: David Nelson on
Got it that time, thank you.

From: Leif Bloomquist on
"Nicolas Welte" <welte_spam(a)> wrote in message

> Works very fine, except for a small issue with the 1581 power LED not
> blinking properly. I remember someone told me about this problem, I will
> investigate ...

You must have done something funny ;-) I tested your board before sending
it, even without a mechanism attached. You can still talk to the drives,
read error channel, and so on without a mechanism.

Trying to access the disk results in 75,DRIVE NOT READY, and the power LED
did indeed blink as it should.


From: Leif Bloomquist on
Phew! Finally caught up with shipping, and have relisted another batch of
drives on eBay.

eBay ID# 300013076128



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