From: Leif Bloomquist on
Oops, meant 74,DRIVE NOT READY of course.

From: Nicolas Welte on
Leif Bloomquist wrote:
> "Nicolas Welte" <welte_spam(a)> wrote in message
> news:4j1gn3F5u8svU1(a)
>> Works very fine, except for a small issue with the 1581 power LED not
>> blinking properly. I remember someone told me about this problem, I will
>> investigate ...
> You must have done something funny ;-) I tested your board before sending
> it, even without a mechanism attached. You can still talk to the drives,
> read error channel, and so on without a mechanism.

It depends on the mech I attach, and it's fine with the Chinon FZ-354.
For some reason, blinking doesn't work with my TEAC laptop mech. I'm
sure I will find a solution to this, though. Reading, writing and
formatting works like a charm, so everythings fine :)

From: Fergus Logan on
What are the known bugs in the first version rom, and is it worth upgrading?

Kind Regards

"Nicolas Welte" <welte_spam(a)> wrote in message
> Nicolas Welte wrote:
>> Anders Carlsson wrote:
>>> Nicolas Welte <welte_spam(a)> writes:
>>>> Some Floppy drives need 5V only.
>>> ... and the logic board only uses 5V? Is it the drive mechanism
>>> in a 1541/71/81 that typically needs the 12V?
>> yes, and mainly the motors. In the 1540/41/51/70/71 there is 12V
>> depending motor control circuits on the mainboard as well.
> I got my 1581 drive board from Leif today :) Thanks! It came with the
> first version of the DOS ROM, so I will have to upgrade it before using
> any important disks with it.
> First, I tested it with an Amiga type drive, Chinon FZ-354. This one says
> it works with 5V only, but I didn't really tested it. Only a quick test of
> the board was what I had in mind.
> Then, I made a connection to the drive that I want to use with the board:
> a TEAC FD-05HG-5686-U slimline Laptop drive. It also runs on 5V only, and
> it uses only a single flat cable connection without a separate power lead.
> So I used Pin 1 on the 34pin connector of the 1581 for +5V, as it was not
> used otherwise.
> The connection goes as follows (I used only two pins for power supply):
> 1581 TEAC signal
> 01 01 +5V (1581 modified for this)
> 02 06 disk change
> 08 02 index
> 10 04 drive select (always GND on 1581)
> 16 10 motor on
> 18 12 direction
> 20 14 step
> 22 16 write data
> 24 18 write gate
> 26 20 track 00
> 28 22 write protect
> 30 24 read data
> 32 26 side select
> 33 25 GND
> 34 08 ready
> so the nice thing about these slimline drives is, they have both the
> DISKCHANGE and the READY signals on their connector. not so nice is the
> high density flat cable connector. I soldered my cable directly to the
> floppy board ...
> Works very fine, except for a small issue with the 1581 power LED not
> blinking properly. I remember someone told me about this problem, I will
> investigate ...
> Nicolas

From: xc8/bRONx on
I managed to find a 720k drive - Citizen OSDC-41C - , from an Acorn
Archimedes A3000. It looks like ok, I managed to load/save some BASIC
programs and issued some drive commands...

I only set a switch from DS1 to DS0...

The strange thing about this drive is that the LED (on the drive) is ON
for ever, (but the LED on the 1581 case works while there is activity,
as normaly),so I have to unsolder that LED.

I did not modify the ribon cable, as I see I can change disks without
any problem.



From: Anders Carlsson on
"Leif Bloomquist" <spam(a)> writes:

> Phew! Finally caught up with shipping, and have relisted
> another batch of drives on eBay.

I thought you wrote that only five kits were left? :-) Or maybe
you went to pick up more kits now when you found how easily you
could sell those?

Anders Carlsson
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