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What is ATI ATI M52P/M54P/M56P Display Driver?
Looking at Vista drivers for my year old Toshiba laptop with ATI x1600 mobility and this is what I see for my model. What does the M5x refer to? Are they for my graphics card? No information available anywhere I can see. ... 16 Mar 2007 09:29
Problems with 7.2
I getting dotNet errors all over the place from these CatControl drivers. The plain drivers seem find but the control center is causing problems. No actual crashes but many exceptions. Can't find c:\branding.dll, can't find cc-skins.xml, can't find core-static.xml... It really isn't any wonder that it can't fin... 14 Mar 2007 19:13
I'll send you my cd what's your e-mail
Sam ... 7 Mar 2007 11:31
Changing back to ATI Radeon X850 Pro AGP 256
I was notified by ATI that my X850 is on its way back to me after being fixed. Do I need to uninstall Cat 7.2 drivers for XP and Vista in a dual insatll? ... 1 Mar 2007 21:02
Vista and tv wonder 650??
Has anyone been able to get the tv wonder 650 to work using the drivers on ATIs website in Vista? The card works fine in XP but I am unable to get it to work in Vista. I have the same hardware setup in Vista as in XP with the hdd being the only difference. ... 1 Mar 2007 23:07
Device driver - NTativrv01
1900 GT card and per ATI Tech support I have disabled this device. Here is what the told me to do a month ago: "NTativrv01 is a wdm capture device. There currently are no drivers available for the device under Vista, so you should disable it in the device manager." The new drivers (7.2) still do not seem to... 3 Mar 2007 02:19
Vista driver for FireGL
Hi all, Does anybody have any inside information on the availability of a Vista 32-bit driver for the FireGL series? I posted a question to earlier this month and the response came back "mid-February", which has come and gone. The driver that installed with Vista does not support dual monitors,... 27 Feb 2007 14:19
Improve my Graphics
I'm thinking about getting a Lenovo M55p Small Form Factor computer to replace my trusty IBM Netvista, and would like to update as much as possible: I'll be going from a P4 @ 2.8 to a C2D E6600, and boosting my RAM up to 2 GB from 1 GB. I'd also like to improve my graphics. Currently I have a 64 MB PCI card ... 26 Feb 2007 00:39
Another 0xEA driver infinite loop stop error question.
I have acquired an ATI All-In-Wonder Rage 128 32MB PCI card. I got the card and the user's guide but not the CD or AV cables. I installed it in my computer to test to see if it would work but after Windows installed the drivers and I changed the resolution to 1024x768 @85Hz I restarted the computer and got th... 7 Feb 2007 04:57
a cooling fan ATI P/N 7120000800
It's on backorder with a Feb. 8th estimated availability date: Alternatively you can remove the stock fan and zip-tie a standard 60 mm or 80 mm case fan to the video card's heat sink. -- "War is the continuation of politics by other means. It can... 16 Jan 2007 21:15
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