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AGP card upgrade
This machine has a Athlon X2 4200 processor on a MSI K8N 939 board and running with Vista 32 Ultimate. The machine is adequate for most of my needs especially since I'm not a gamer. I do watch a fair amount of HDTV on this machine and my current video card (nVidia 6200) only scores 2.3 on the Vista check. La... 7 Oct 2009 10:44
Radeon HD 5850
In case anyone would like to know, my 5850 measures 9.5 inches in length. Add another 0.75 inches for power connecters clearance. Fits in an Antec Mini P-180 if you take out the middle hd cage. s ... 9 Oct 2009 15:59
New 5870 arrives and it meant I had to rebuild 2 computers
In article <7f4oc51ohgcr8veopcrv7mgetcbh8lfvps(a)>, Santa_Anna(a)Alamo.invlaid says... The 5870 was too big for my main computer case so had to swap all the hardware with another Antec case I had my 2nd PC built into. Both cases have the same depth front to back but it was the placement of the HDDs... 7 Oct 2009 18:38
Any reason to run later Catalyst versions on Radeon 9700 Pro?
According to ATI's site, Catalyst 6.2 is the "current" driver for a Radeon 9700 Pro under Windows 2000 SP4. Do later Catalyst versions support this card, do they have any performance or feature benefits compared to 6.2, and will they install on Win2k? Thanks! ... 6 Oct 2009 22:39
Catalyst 9.10 Beta available
9.10 beta for all flavors is on in the new downloads section, if anyone cares!! rms ... 4 Oct 2009 22:10
Fanless (passive) video card
I'm after the best fanless (passive) video card I can get to go in my new MSI GD65 motherboard, I'm not much of a gamer so passive if fine for me. Nowadays they all see to come with fans, so does anyone know last card that came with heatsink only, I know I'm in ati group but also asking the same question in nvid... 26 Sep 2009 20:09
HD 4850 Detection Driver Failure
i know this is an older post but i need to share this somewhere having just recuperated from 2days of nearly murdering my computer :D the symptoms: after a failed install of hotspot shield i went through the reg and deleted everything related to it, and deleted the files and folders reboot result: vista... 5 Sep 2009 00:11
Error starting TV
Wilderbeast wrote: "Language Resource file was not found: C"\Program Files\ATI Multimedia\tv\TVDS????.RSC" AIW 9600 ATI MMC 9.061. Worked fine for years until now. Anyone know a fix? Customer support is no help. Thanks. W. My HDTV Wonders came with 9.06 which didn't work nearly as w... 5 Nov 2008 18:06
RS485/M BR#23931 boot meesage
I have a DELL Vostro 1000 laptop. The video card is the Integrated ATI Radeon Xpress 1150 HyperMemory adaptor. SiSoft's system information diagnostic tool says the adaptor's part/model number is RS485M. Now when I boot the laptop this number is flashed to the display before the POST. In addition to the part/model n... 26 Jun 2008 16:40
Sapphire HD 4850 No Factory Seal
Bought a Sapphire HD 4850 from Newegg. It arrived without a factory seal. I've bought several Sapphire cards before and they always came sealed. Newegg said they had no idea. Is it possible for a factory fresh card not to have a seal? ... 26 Jun 2008 02:17
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