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which driver
Gr. J. Windows UpDates Should Tell And Have The Best Driver For You Board, So Check There. goldy On Tue, 15 Dec 2009 20:25:08 +0100, "Zorro..." <zorro(a)invalid.tnx> wrote: LS Can anyone please tell me which driver I can use? I have an ATI Radeon Express 1200 (Integrated MoBo). (yes I know it's anci... 13 Mar 2010 13:04
Ati 4870 - Larger Screen Needed To Get Full Benefit??
I'm thinking of buying a ATI RADEON 4870(or higher) card (1024mb). I've read somewhere that you would only get the full benefit of this card only if you have at least a 21" LCD monitor and anything smaller would be a waste of money. Is this right? I've have a 19" LCD monitor and I would like to have some advice ... 5 Mar 2010 19:35
ATI AIW X1900 Record Problem, Help!
ATI AIW X1900 Catalyst Software Suite v7.10 And ATI Multimedia Center 9.13 Installed. Had Catalyst Software Suite v8.12 And ATI Multimedia Center 9.16 And The Same Problem. When I Record DvD High Resolution 720X480 The Movie File I Get Is A Nonstandard Format Of 720X960. I Have Tried Installing All Software And... 4 Mar 2010 16:54
Mew ATI and tv-out?
Are there any newer ATI cards that has tv-out? (svhs). Looking at 5770 which seems to be the best I can afford and they all seems to have display port (whatever that does) and none have the classic svhs/hdtv out connector. ... 27 Feb 2010 10:59
ATI and Physx?
Hi guys! It's time for a hardware upgrade and I am wondering which graphics card I should choose. At the moment I use a Geforce 8800 GTX. One thing that bothers me with ATI cards is the lack of Physx. How does this work in a game? Is there no physics calculation at all or is it done by the CPU? Physx might not b... 23 Feb 2010 14:41
help me y want sharpness in catalyst
hi all please help me.until today I had nvidia,y buy new graphic card-power color hd 4670 ddr4 with 512mb no problem with card y have problem with software.--in catalyst-color not exist sharpness setings for display .image is low removed without sharpness.I no have problems with catayst.just want to add sharpnes... 19 Feb 2010 19:57
CAT 10.2 is out. - Can anybody tell me if the AVIVO Converter package will work with the HD5800 series of video boards?
Cat 10.2 is out, lots of improvements for everyone. If you have a HD5000 series board, lots of improvements for CrossFireX. HardOCP has a good article up on the 10.2 and 10.3 updates if you are interested. See at: OK - I am installing... 18 Feb 2010 01:46
10.2 out now! Re: Article on Upcoming 10.2/10.3 Catalyst drivers!
> Worth a scan: rms ... 17 Feb 2010 14:28
Article on Upcoming 10.2/10.3 Catalyst drivers!
Worth a scan: rms ... 17 Feb 2010 11:03
Clone desktop
Hello, Am using a Radeon X700 SE with a 2 monitor setup with TV attached (OS is WinXP Sp3). When I want to use the TV I have to use #2 monitor and it blacks out and I cannot see to manuever on that screen for showing on the TV. There is a clone choice - can I use that to use the #1 monitor for viewing on the... 17 Feb 2010 12:11
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