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The Java Daw ... 29 Mar 2010 20:18
Talk about some $%&@
"Bob Donald" <bdonald(a)> wrote in message news:5MCdnU1V-v_1YTLWnZ2dnUVZ_jSdnZ2d(a) Someone took a shot at my house today, and luckily I had a guitar case leaning in front of the window in my den! The bullet hit the case and ricocheted, redirecting into the wall a little over an inch fro... 30 Mar 2010 13:50
Now Available Reaper 3.4 & 3.5
REAPER 3.4 is available, with the following updates: + Action: adjust last touched FX parameter (mousewheel/MIDI CC) + CPU usage: optimizations with high track counts (solo sibling calculation caching) + Elastique: updated to v2.12 (fixes x64 quality issue) + Envelopes: preference for double-click to add ... 28 Mar 2010 18:57
Shameless self promotion My buddy Eppy from across the pond was nice enough to feature 3 songs of mine on his latest podcast. He asked me to spread the word. Wooooooooooooooord. He plays stuff you don't hear anywhere else. And I have to say there's some really great stuff out there. Kimara Sajn i... 29 Mar 2010 14:42
Real Easy way to make a bootable (Ubuntu) flash drive
I finally found a really ( really ) easy way to make a bootable Ubuntu flashdrive You can actually use any version of an Ubuntu Live cd or any other type of live cd it seems. The util called "UnetBootin" does all the work... 26 Mar 2010 09:07
Command Prompt Here in Windows 7
On 25 Mar 2010, Glennbo <vdrumsYourHeadFromYourAss(a)> wrote in It's hidden, but if you hold shift and right click a folder, it's there. If you don't want to have to remember to hold shift, you can edit the registry so that it always shows up. Open HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Dire... 4 Apr 2010 21:29
your thoughts on Dynaudio BM5A mons
You have probably heard of my problems with my Event ASP8s-(intermittent level gain in one). I'm thinking of adding a smaller mon to cross-reference--something smaller. I love the Events when they are working properly as I prefer to mix w/o sub--but would also like something smaller. I would put my Events on st... 28 Mar 2010 16:45
Antivirus Update Forces Users To Reinstall Windows ... 27 Mar 2010 11:57
Exporting audio
I am importing some tracks from a CD/project that needs some stereo adjustments (left track lower than right one). I am able to import and edit the audio, the problem is that when I export the track (RIFF wave), the players in the computer can't play it. (real player or any other one). I am doing something wrong... 24 Mar 2010 15:49
i7 Extreme Edition I7-975???
Anybody using i7 Extreme Edition I7-975??? ... 7 Apr 2010 20:16
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