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should i upgrade?
I've been using home studio 2004 for quite a while. I'm happy with it for the most part but want to do more mastering. I record mostly acoustic instruments but sometimes like to add some samples or midi, like drums, and I'm not too that thrilled with what 04 offers. I also use many VST plugins so i'm not sure if th... 27 Jun 2010 13:54
Keep Nashville On Hold
Robin Banks wrote: Robin Banks <Your(a)> whinged news:Xns9D869841AA2EBRobinBanksGBLLC(a) Tonight, apparently. Master Ess has updated his Soundclick page, and I have been charged to spam you poor folks with his new demo song, a self exlanatory ditty that Master B. lifted fr... 26 Jun 2010 20:39
Back to "assigning" notes to pizzacato & legato
Garritan's stuff has a KS sample that lets you change from one variation to another with a midi key stroke ... but it that doesn't allow for easy control over the velocity. Pizz seems to need a different volume than legato to fit in. So I'm thinking about assing the pizzacato notes to a different channel and run... 21 Jun 2010 09:06
Name that guitar player
Glennbo wrote: Alright 'A', exhibit 'A', now we move on to this, look, look who's in here? (No, no, it's not Who on guitar) No one! And then in here there's a little guy, look! So it's, it's a complete cameo appearance in this clip from the end of the movie "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry"!!! ... 21 Jun 2010 06:56
How do you do this ...
I want to play a tune and then go back and assing some of the notes to like viola pizzacato and some to viola legato. I could clone the track and delete notes that I don't want on the appropriate synth track, one being set to pizza and the other lego but there's an easier way, right? ... 21 Jun 2010 01:29
fatal error
Module: c/ program files/cakewalk/shared plug-ins/Fx reverb.Ax Exception code c:0000005 Just opened a song and started listening and about 1 minute in-well-the freeze-fatal error and big annoying buzzy sound-ARGHHH!!! ... 18 Jun 2010 13:31
cannot view synth rack
Sonar 7.2 Recently I am unable to view the synth rack regardless of what project I open. I cannot find it hiding on the edge of the screen--not sure what happened. All the other views pop up when I hit their icon or shortcut keys but neither works when summoning the synth view. Any ideas? Thanks again, Jeff... 17 Jun 2010 21:11
New Song Featuring Polymod - Musica Mundus
"Glennbo" <vdrumsYourHeadFromYourAss(a)> wrote in message news:Xns9D99DF826B5F8BrownShoesDontMakeIt(a) It's a two minute trip around the world! Thirty Two tracks, fifty seven effects, 35% average CPU use. I call it "Musica Mundus" at: 19 Jun 2010 06:55
using Kontakt from Sonar
I used the VST to insert a MIDI and audio traks all neatly wrapped up in a folder. then in kontakt I used the library tab and found solo Cello and loaded it. When I activate the different pink colored keys on the bottom left of the keyboard the notes i click on respond as they should with different articulations ... 17 Jun 2010 12:16
when there is LAN and WLAN ... ???
Here's the setup: 2 PCs both with a wireless connection to a Veriz. FIOS router for internet. The FIOS router is 3 floors below the office. ( Verizon tech morooons at their worst ... thank'ya'very'much ) We want to speed up the connection between the 2 pcs which are right beside each other in the office, to spe... 16 Jun 2010 12:08
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