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Java developers wanted! ... 15 Jul 2010 16:29
Definition of BT in an FSK system
BT denotes the product of the 3 dB bandwidth of the shaping pulse in an FSK system and the symbol time. My question has to do with the conventional definition of B. My first thought was to use the 3 dB bandwidth of a bandpass function obtained by translating the baseband pulse up to the FSK center frequency; o... 15 Jul 2010 17:37
QAM mapping and frequency response
Hi, Maybe it will be a trivial question but it find it a little bit confusing. Here is the situation: I have a sampled data (let's say each sample is 16-bit number coming from ADC). Now I chop the bitstream obtained from serializing 16-bit samples into 4-bit chunks which are mapped into 16 QAM constellation point... 15 Jul 2010 13:09
FIR filter problem
What are you trying to accomplish by replicating Matlab stuff with a processor? Don't you understand? If the processor output does not match what MATLAB says its should be, then the processor obviously is not working correctly and needs adjustment! --Dilip Matlabi ... 17 Jul 2010 05:31
can anyone help me define a PhD level problem?
Hello, I have background in DSP both theory as well as practical. But I do not have much experience in the area of wireless or digital communications. Could someone help me define a problem that could be taken up as work towards successful completion of PhD? I am looking for pro... 18 Jul 2010 00:55
should the output of sigma delta modulator be windowed to compute in band SNR?
SDM does osr and noise shaping. my question is do we need to window the sigma delta modulated output prior to computing frequency domain SNR. Rgds Bharat ... 14 Jul 2010 23:05
GMSK Question
Hi, I'm trying to build a GMSK modulator following the procedure described in the aforementioned docs. Do I have to remove the gaussian filter delay after convolution? If so, do I have to pad with zeros the input signal? Thanks Alberto ... 13 Jul 2010 17:30
reactive power....
Hello Forum, near any radiating source like an antenna there is a region called the reactive field: the E and H field are 90 degrees out of phase. The reactive field is region where there is no radiated power...... It acts as a storage power. During one cycle power is given and taken back... I am having a hard ... 18 Jul 2010 03:03
Analyzing an "undersampled" sequence
Perhaps I should post this elsewhere but we speak the same language here. I may have asked a similar question some time ago but now I have a new perspective and want to investigate. I have a wastewater process that's being sampled periodically (uniform sampling for what it's worth). The sample rate is way to... 15 Jul 2010 08:44
How to compute phase of FFT signal in real world?
Hi, I am trying to compute the amplitude and phase of signal with specific frequency. The frequency of the signal is known (measured with laser - the rotation machine). I tried to simulate the computation in matlab first: close all clear all % clc f = 50; % Frequency of signal fs = 64000; ... 18 Jul 2010 12:41
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