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>>> Jenn. I have read my post and your reply twice now; and I have to
>>> tell you, I'm completely lost. BD started the jewish discussion; I
>>> don't personally care what religion somebody is or is not, so long as
>>> they don't preach to me.
>> ok .. I'll explain ... (I don't have the direct quote handy.. but
>> it's not important for this explanation.)
>> BD made a comment about Jewish... something or other.. Several people,
>> including Heather, complained that BD was making a dig about Jewish
>> people. SO... Heather retorts with "everyone here is Jewish but you
>> and Jenn HA HA so you're now the minority".

> I believe Heather made that with tongue in cheek humour in mind.

Ok ... what if it was also tongue in cheek humour that she was responding

>> ...the problem I am pointing out is that Heather made a point of
>> objecting to making comments about the jewish religion... what does
>> she do? She goes and makes her own comments about non-jews in an

> Erm, she made a wisecrack in response to BD's comments. I don't know what
> her personal views are regarding jews. and I don't care. Religion is like
> politics to me.

Wisecracks just like everything can be taken many different ways.

> I think, imho, you fired at the wrong person here. BD was the one
> innsinuating something is wrong with a jewish person. Not her.

Nope.. I fired at Heather because of her inconsistency... she objected..
then she participated.. THEN she excused and gave a reason that it's ok to
do it IF someone *deserves it*. You can't object and then participate and
be believable.

>> is wrong. However, by her behavior, she only believes it's wrong to
>> do if someone does it to her (or the religion she cares about).. It's
>> not wrong if she does it to someone she feels *deserves it*.

> I didn't read that at all.

You don't see that because you agree that it's ok to do it.

Jenn (from Oklahoma)

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> Jenn wrote:
>>LOL no ... my parents always used the word 'ept' to mean the opposite of
>>inept. Perhaps it was just a usage they were familiar with, but I grew up
>>using it that way too.
> At least my parents tried to steer me toward proper usage,
> but we always had to laugh when one of the neighbors said something like;
> "It's almost noon, you et yet? or some of the radio folk would ask;
> "where you at"? instead of where are you.

.... nothing wrong with that, imo.... just about everyone has their own style
and flavor... that's what makes us all interesting.
Jenn (from Oklahoma)

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> Jenn wrote:
>>> Having grown up in the Southeast myself
>>Southeast.. where exactly?

> Conceived (per a query to my dad) in Dalhart Texas, actually dropped in
> north
> MS below Memphis about 50 miles from Elvis's home, and after an
> adolescence in
> Jackson MS, came into my own and still consider Gulfport MS home. I've
> lived
> in south AL as well as NOLA, Nashville, between Philly and NYC, Denver,
> and
> Seattle.
> Now comfortably retired in San Diego and don't plan on leaving.

Congrats on the comfortably retired part.. I look forward to that in the new
few years myself. :D

>>> I'm quite familiar with poor usage of grammar and syntax,
>>> doesn't excuse it however.
>>hey.. I haven't even begun to talk like my southern roots might demand I
>>talk from time to time... seeing my my blood kin from my mothers side of
>>family are from the sticks of Alabama. haha .... I can be quite the
>>southern bell if I wanted to. :D

> Where 'bouts in those sticks is momma from?
> Having grown up in Missipy* back when we were tied with y'all for last
> place
> in about every category, I rather familiar with the 'Heart of Dixie'. <g>

Momma and her people are from northern Alabama .. Decatur, Danville,
Hartselle, Moulton, Mt. Hope, Courtland, Cullman, Russelville, Good Hope,
Falkville, Priceville, Somerville, Turney Crossroads, Five Points, Union
Hill ... all that area and probably have some kin in some smaller towns then
those even! LOL They have since multiplied, too, since I lived there. LOL

> *not a typo,
> similar to Lousiana

Jenn (from Oklahoma)

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> Jenn wrote:
>>ok wait .. is ASCII = pcbutts??
> Nope,

Ok.. thanks......

Jenn (from Oklahoma)

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> Dustin Cook wrote:
>>Hmm.. Something
>>doesn't make sense here,
> Your (note spelling) attitude and arrant ego is what's lacking any
> sense.

*yawn*. Come back at me when you have something that actually does

> Not by a long shot,
> you must be thinking about that horse again.

Yea.. that must be it. /sarcasm.

"Hrrngh! Someday I'm going to hurl this...hrrngh.. nudge
this boulder right down a cliff." - Goblin Warrior