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>>>>>> As if you guys are the only *experts* on the web ... LOL
>>>>> Oh, by no means. You have wannabes like pcbutts abound. :)
>>>> Again ... why do I care or why SHOULD I care about that person??
>>>> :)
>>> How do you feel about thieves?
>> I don't like thieves. Why?
> Well... That's what pcbutts is. Hence many of the indivuals here strong
> dislike towards him.

thanks for the explanation... :)
Jenn (from Oklahoma)

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>>> He's active enough to continue threads in the alt.politics newsgroup.
>> Like I said.. I've seen him pop online a few times, but not very long
>> and not alot. He IS in the UK and I'm in Oklahoma so even at best I
>> don't see him online alot except when it's late at night his time
>> zone.
> Well, he started a fresh thread in this newsgroup; quoting me, again.
> Making innuendo remarks about malwarebytes and myself.

Yeah ... I know ....

>>> I
>>> don't believe for one second that he doesn't know what he's doing or
>>> that he doesn't know how much of an arsehole he's become.
>> Hey... the way I see it is that men are good at being @#$#holes
>> anyway.. so it's normal as far as I can tell, and you might think I'm
>> joking, but I'm not! LOL You men just have a different way of
>> communicating and being an @#$#hole is part of it when it comes to
>> knocking heads with other men.

> It's normal to lie and mislead individuals? It's not what I consider to
> be normal.

That's not what I said... I said it's normal when men are @@#@holes to each

>> Perhaps, if you didn't allow what he said to get you upset and look at
>> it from a different perspective? Maybe that would help .......

> Easier said than done. His comments are borderline libel towards
> malwarebytes. I don't see what other perspective you think I should be
> looking at it from. I read his post, he's implying that malwarebytes
> and/or myself are bad people and shouldn't be trusted.

All I can say is that even you acknowledge that it's borderline. I've known
people all my life who just flat out would smack you right up side the face
verbally and then threaten to do it physically, too. When people sit on the
borderline, imo, it means they aren't sure what side of the fence they
should be on and often times people will test the waters on both sides to
help them make up their minds based on the responses they get. That usually
means there's going to be some flack flying in all directions until that
fence sitter gets it figure out one way or another. I'm not saying it's
right or it's wrong.. I'm just saying that's how some people deal with
things they aren't sure of.

>> Would you want people to diss friends of yours simply because those
>> friends thought highly of you? I'm sure you wouldn't, Dustin. You
>> need to realize that it's very unfair on your part to do that to
>> people when you really wouldn't want people doing that same thing to
>> people you know and believe to be good.

> I give up Jenn. As far as you seem to be concerned, poor BD isn't doing
> anything and I'm just picking on him. I get it. I'm done, thanks.

No.. I never said he wasn't doing anything wrong. I usually tell him myself
if I think he's doing something wrong, too. He'll tell you! LOL

What I'm saying is how we choose to respond to how people poke us can make a
big difference in either ending up in a knock down drag out fight vs. a

Jenn (from Oklahoma)

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> Yep.. It went south pretty quickly, but BD did bring up the entire
> religious aspect. Why? Probably to instigate and inflame.

You can tell alot about people when they are responding out of anger or
frustration, Dustin. It is one technique used by some in order to get
people to let their guard down and show their true colors. The thing is...
how people are when they are angry or frustrated isn't the whole story of
who they are... it just means they aren't good at communicating when they
are angry or frustrated.


> Yes, clearly that is his motis operadi (sp?). Why else would he post an
> easter post from a malwarebytes employee; and then have his sig say, Nice
> guy Jenn?

He said that to me because he wants to know what I think. I don't judge
people based on one thing they've done. People deserve every chance ... imo
Jenn (from Oklahoma)

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> Jenn wrote:
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>>> Jenn wrote:
>>>>I'd say I'm pretty ept when it comes to English and understand it.
>>> "ept"?
>>> Isn't it a bit ironic when someone commits a misspelling,
>>> in the process of flaunting their expertise with language? <g>
>>Word Origin & History
>>1938, back formation from inept, usually with an attempt at comical
>>Online Etymology Dictionary, � 2010 Douglas Harper
>>Cite This Source
> So you intended to express your ineptitude
> by using a derivative of 'inept'?
> OK, I just thought you meant 'apt'.

LOL no ... my parents always used the word 'ept' to mean the opposite of
inept. Perhaps it was just a usage they were familiar with, but I grew up
using it that way too.
Jenn (from Oklahoma)

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>>>> Jenn wrote:
>>>>>I'd say I'm pretty ept when it comes to English and understand it.
>>>> "ept"?
>>>> Isn't it a bit ironic when someone commits a misspelling,
>>>> in the process of flaunting their expertise with language? <g>
>>> Almost as lame as the grammar cracks various people like to make. :) If
>>> you
>>> can read it, you did understand it, obviously.
> since you bumped his nonsense...
> RaiD is grammar challenged so therefore I tend to ignore his prattle.
> He has self esteem issues that render him incapable of accepting his
> deficiencies and typically resorts to an immature attack on anyone that
> draws
> attention to it.
>>The term was used quite often by my parents when I was growing up...
> Having grown up in the Southeast myself

Southeast.. where exactly?

> I'm quite familiar with poor usage of grammar and syntax,
> doesn't excuse it however.

hey.. I haven't even begun to talk like my southern roots might demand I
talk from time to time... seeing my my blood kin from my mothers side of the
family are from the sticks of Alabama. haha .... I can be quite the
southern bell if I wanted to. :D

Jenn (from Oklahoma)